Best mountain bike lights 2022 | Hokolite

Best mountain bike lights 2022 | Hokolite

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Choosing new road bike lights can be daunting when you see how many are on the market. There are more brands and styles than ever before and no matter what your needs or your budget you will be sure to find the best bike lights for your needs online. The online availability of bike lights is far vaster than ever before so there is no excuse to be without the very latest. The best bike lights for one person may not be the best for the next, with different cycling habits and therefore different needs; everyone should choose their new lights with care. As there are so many different lights available today, there is no need to simply buy the first lights you spot; take your time to read reviews and do some research. Finding the best bike lights for your cycling safety. is important as cycling safety is sometimes dangerous if you are not well equipped and well prepared.


The best bike lights are essential if you plan to night ride or before dawn, or even if you're out in rough conditions during the day. The best bike lights do two things: they let you see, and they make sure you can be seen. If you ride a lot, you probably need a bike headlight and a taillight, even if you ride during the day. This means that choosing the best bike light actually means choosing two lights.

Beginner's Guide to Cycling

If you are new to cycling then the first thing you should think about is attaching lights to your bike. Choosing a bike is not your main priority as you will probably buy a standard bike, to begin with, to gain experience. Your safety equipment however will always be important, equip yourself with a helmet, a bottle of water, bright clothing, and reflectors and lights for maximum safety. If you know anyone else wishing to start a fitness regime why not do it together? Cycling can be a group activity or an individual one depending on your preferences. Stock up on all the best safety equipment including bike lights and you won't steer in the wrong direction.


Investing in the best bike lights you can afford is vital if you know you will be cycling in the darkness. If you are new to cycling, it is advised to start off slow, even if you are in good shape, cycling uses all the muscles in your body and therefore it will need time to adapt to the new routine you're giving it. There is no need to rush, start to gradually increase the distance each time. Cycling can be very dangerous, especially if you will be traveling on the roads and therefore you must be fully prepared with the right equipment. Here are just some of the things you need for a safe journey:

· Helmet - don't ever ride without one

· Pump and Puncture Repair Kit. In case you get a flat tire or puncture

· Water - Keep yourself hydrated

· Bike lights - ensure they are fully charged

· Spare batteries

· Clothing - make sure you wear comfortable and appropriate clothing - hat, gloves, cycling shorts, hi Vis vest, sunglasses, fleece, and waterproofs (if needed). 

Bike Lights and the Experienced Cyclist

The most experienced cyclists need bike lights and if you have been cycling for a while you will be no stranger to safety. Cycling has become a very popular activity for people who like to keep fit in a fun and scenic way. For those who cycle regularly, health and safety will be important factors in your daily routine. Perhaps you keep a piece of paper in your pocket with all your details just in case there was an accident, or maybe you have a pump at hand in case your tire goes flat. Your experience should match your accessories and your bike lights should be one of the key safety features you have on your bike. 


To help you choose the best bike light for you, we've road-tested some of the most popular lights on the market. We looked at how bright they are, how long the battery lasts, how long it takes to charge the lights, how heavy they are, and how easy it is to get in and out of the car. Read on to find the best bike lights in the test.


1400Lumens Rechargeable Bicycle Lights Set Black


Weight: 0.21 lbs

Lumens: 1,400

Lumens Max Run Time: 8 hours

Charging time: 3.5 hours

Light Mode: 3

Charging method: USB charging


This bike light set is designed for riding in night and day conditions with unrivaled 360° visibility. It's ideal for road cyclists who travel for miles on busy roads and occasionally hop on singletrack or technical gravel.


With a whopping 1400 high lumen of light for just $32.99, it's hard to beat. In a pinch, it's bright enough and offers 3light beam patterns (100% brightness, 50% brightness, strobe) to meet your different lighting needs. The included tail lights also have two lighting modes (highlight, strobe).


This bike light charges using an external USB rechargeable (just like you charge your phone on the go). That's a huge benefit for cyclists -- or those who forget to charge their lights, only to realize the fact when they're running late. It only takes 3.5 hours to fully charge and the battery ensures you can use it for up to 8 hours in strobe mode. Charge your phone in an emergency and it's the best deal!


It is worth mentioning that it is water-resistant, so you don't have to worry about going out in the rain. Plus, it has an anti-theft mode, which provides extra security for your bike’s headlights. And there's a useful bike horn that you can easily press to warn others in an emergency.

All in all, we've come to the conclusion that this is the bicycle lighting we wholeheartedly recommend.



2000 Lumens LED Rechargeable Bike Light Set


Weight: 12.31 oz

Lumens: 2000

Lumens Max Run Time: 13 Hours

Light Mode: 4

Charging method: USB charging


If you're an all-around cyclist, this one light that illuminates your entire trail might make group mountain biking more fun. Enter theHokolite bike light , which, as the name suggests, offers 2,000 lumens of lighting and you won't run out of light.


The 2000-lumen headlight lasts up to 13 hours on a single charge (low setting) and comes with a compact taillight. and 4 lighting modes, you can switch the lighting mode, which is very convenient. It charges via the included mini USB cable. A low battery indicator notifies you when it needs to be charged. It's a good idea to carry the included power cord with you during your ride, as it can be difficult to replace. 


Buy a set of bike lights, and you'll also get mounting brackets, head straps, battery retention straps, charging cables, and more. With quick, easy installation and impressive battery life, this bike light set adds significant safety to your morning and evening rides.


It's not just a bike light. Can also be used as a super bright headlight flashlight for more occasions, we highly recommend it!

Best Budget Bike Lights

400 Lumens COB Rechargeable Bike Light Set 2 Pack


Weight: 1.54 oz

Lumens: 400

Lumens Max Run Time: 5 Hours

Light Mode: 3

Charging method: USB charging


Even cheap bike lights can now be charged via USB. This bicycle light from Hokolite costs $26.99 and runs for over 5 hours. It's not the highest lumen front lights, but for taillights, that's all you need. Because it has a flash mode, it can help you deal with emergencies in the dark.


A simple rubber stripe makes it easy to swap this light onto your bike handlebar mount, and it's very secure when installed, it won't wobble or fall over the bumps of your ride, keeping it safe. The light and simple design are easy to use even for the newest riders, is suitable for all types of bikes, and keeps you safe while riding. It can also be used as a running light, just clipped to clothing for emergencies.

The bike light is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about it in the rain. Unlike the extra-budget taillights you can buy at discount stores, this one can be seen from the side and offers more protection for the motorist. Charge it with a micro USB cable and you'll get 5 hours of use at max lumens with extra long standby time.


If you're looking for a powerfulledlight and want to save a few grams, this headlight is the way to go. However, if you need a wide beam, long runs, or easy removal from the base, look forother bike lights. 

Bike Lights and Cycle Safety 

Both casual and committed cyclists benefit from bike lights. They play a huge role in preventing accidents by indicating the presence of the biker in other vehicles. Some people overlook the importance of a well-lit cycle as they believe they are costly and unnecessary if they won't be traveling in the evening. Traveling in the mornings, however, can bring darkness and they may also be needed in poor weather conditions during daylight hours. Gone are the days when lights were bulky and heavy and were too difficult to carry on a bicycle. Thanks to the major development in technology, they are now almost weightless. LED technology has also meant that directional light is emitted at an extremely low energy input. They are a great boon to cyclists as it means they can operate for 100 hours using a single set of batteries. Thanks to their power, brightness, and longevity, more and more people are choosing LEDbike lights for their cycles.

The Importance ofChoosing theRightType ofBikeLights

When the time comes to fit those bike lights you must be sure that they are compatible with your bike and needs. Choosing the right lights will impact the quality of your vision and others' ability to see you. One or more types of light may need to be fitted to bikes ridden at night. Ensuring that your bicycle is fully prepared for its journey, whether it's a trip to work or a ride in the countryside will provide you with comfort and confidence when taking to the road. Your bike lights will illuminate your path and make your bike ride journey a safe one.


· How many lumens do Bicycle lights need?


Generally speaking, it depends on what type of riding you are doing. For urban use, you should look for around 200 lumens or more. Since urban riding areas are well lit, you may need fewer lumens.


But for best mountain bike lights, a minimum of 1000 lumens is critical. So if you have bright lights, make sure to angle the lights down slightly to avoid dazzling other riders and pedestrians.


For taillights, how many lumens is all you really need to stay visible?


· Rechargeable vs. Battery Powered Bike lights: Which is Better?


Unless you're looking for flashing taillights on your occasional commute, rechargeable bike lights are preferable to battery-powered options. Rechargeable lights may cost more initially, but just charge the battery a few times and the cost will balance out. We all know that rechargeable options are more environmentally friendly because they avoid constantly disposing of used batteries.


· Can you use your headlight as a bicycle light?


While you can use a headlight as a bicycle light, the lighting space required for a bicycle is different from that for hiking or running in the dark. That said, headlights can be a great addition to a bike's lighting setup, especially for nighttime mountain bikers who want to scan their trails. Thisbicycle lightfrom Hokolite provides a headband, which allows you to use one light for two purposes.


You can use your headlights to scan right in front of you from right to left while having your handlebar-mounted lights illuminate directly in front of you. If you're thinking about buying the right headlight, check out ourbest headlight buying guide.

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