6 Major Scenarios for the Use of Flashlights

6 Major Scenarios for the Use of Flashlights

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Spring is here, with lighter mornings and later evenings, the warm tinge of sunlight bursting through the once-crisp air. Many of us are coming out of hibernation, and are planning our next outdoor adventure with family and friends. As the camping season approaches, you may be considering purchasing an outdoor flashlight to add an extra layer of convenience and security to your early morning or nighttime endeavors. Sunrise coffee or sunset drinks, anyone? There are plenty of options for purchase online, even local stores like supermarkets and gas stations stock a selection of flashlights, but why opt for any old model if you can have the best? If you’re an avid camper and are planning on using your flashlight to the best of its ability, say to light up a larger area or take it out in rough terrain, then a Hokolite design will undoubtedly serve you the best. So where to begin? All you need to do is first clarify what each flashlight is primarily used for so that you can be sure that the flashlight's capabilities are right for you and your desired needs. Continue reading this article to learn about the importance of flashlights, before visiting our blog on LED flashlight buying guides.


When we think of the main uses of a flashlight, we most probably think of navigating around our house when the power is out, or utilizing an easily-transportable light source when outside in the dark. While these are of course two very popular uses for a flashlight, you’ll be amazed to know just how versatile this small, yet utterly important, handy tool can be beyond the common utilities. From nighttime fishing and safety surety to outdoor adventures and social interactions, here are the top 6 main scenarios when access to a top-performing flashlight will come in handy.




If you’re an individual who loves going on outdoor camping adventures with your friends, then a flashlight is an absolute must-have addition to your equipment list. A true qualified outdoor flashlight should have its own lighting range of at least 20 meters, and you will also be able to easily adjust the brightness. Compared to traditional camping lights, outdoor flashlights are not only smaller in size and far easier to carry but are also more practical for lighting up the path ahead of you when hiking in the dark, going on a cave exploration, or simply navigating your way around the campsite and in dimly lit tents with ease. 


Carrying a USB rechargeable flashlight include lithium ion batteries produced by Hokolite will provide you with one of the high lumen brightest outputs possible (a whopping 800 lumens!) and is a great choice for lighting up far distances and target lighting. What’s more, it’s super conveniently sized, so you can keep it in your back pocket and have total access to this important tool at your fingertips when you need it most.


It’s for these reasons and more, that flashlights are vital additions to any outdoor camping trip. An aaa batteries flashlight can not only provide adequate lighting and added convenience, but it can also drive away danger and certain animals. You can also hang it on the roof of your tent at night for extra lighting. Simply put: you cannot go wrong with a Hokolite flashlight. 




Emergencies are often unforeseen, so while we can’t expect one to happen, we can certainly be prepared in case. Perhaps you’re faced with a prolonged power outage, your car suddenly breaks down in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself lost while hiking or exploring nature in the dark, or you have to venture out to a dimly lit place to complete a task or errand. No matter the occasion, you need easy access to a flashlight that you know you can always rely on.


While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of an emergency kit, it can be of great help when you are in trouble. Especially in the event of an earthquake or being buried under rubble, a source of light can greatly increase your chance of being rescued. If you have a portable flashlight attached to your keychain, you can use its lighting modes to quickly signal red flags when you can't yell or call for help. Having lights that are easy to use and have enough lumens is crucial to getting rid of intruders or giving out a distress signal when faced with danger.


You can use it to quickly signal red flags when you can't yell or call for help. Having lights that are easy to use and have enough lumens is crucial to getting rid of intruders or giving out a distress signal when faced with danger.



The sun is setting later and rising earlier, which can only mean one thing for tackle enthusiasts – night fishing season is coming! Avid fishermen know that fish are best caught in the early hours of the morning or late in the evening, as that’s when their bites are more frequent. So naturally, you and your friends will be heading out on your fishing adventure in poor lighting, and will most likely be navigating boats or narrow docks. It’s at this time when a portable mini flashlight, that can be carried with you, will come in extremely handy. Mini flashlights can be fastened onto a keychain or pinned to your clothes, hands free and ready to be used in case of need or emergency. When your hands are full of fishing wire, you want something small and compact that can assist you without hassle, that’s why a mini flashlight is a primary requirement for all-night fishing excursions.




It's especially important that if you're preparing for a road trip or are servicing your vehicle, you don't bring anything that can take up unnecessary space. Big, bulky, outdated flashlights are a total no-no for those who have minimal packing area, and who would prefer to use that space for something more beneficial. Fortunately, today's flash light offers some incredibly powerful outputs while fitting conveniently in the palm of your hand. No need to reshuffle or forego your favorite pair of shoes, as the best flashlights will only add convenience and not stress.



Now you may see ‘barbeque’ on this list and think, oh, of course, a flashlight is needed to light up your cooking area. Well, yes, but they are also able to do something way cooler. Technology has been advancing, and a flashlight has been developed on the market that can set fire to coals or wood – similar to using a magnifying glass to gather sunlight and then ignite an object. If you're going out for a barbecue with friends, definitely wear this advanced flashlight that saves you the hassle of carrying a lot of tools, or struggling to start a fire in the darkness.


The high brightness of an LED flashlight, when pointed towards someone's face, can help you temporarily blind the attacker and gain valuable time to run and save yourself from a dangerous situation. A flashlight with a range of about 60-100 lumens is undoubtedly powerful enough to cause a lack of sight when directed into the eyes. Some models of LED torches also feature a strobe mode that is specifically designed to disorient the person by emitting super bright light rapidly. What’s more, the sturdy, metal construction of a flashlight makes it the perfect non-lethal weapon, so in case you need to, you can use it to hit the attacker with it and make your escape.



When it comes to flashlights and what exactly they can offer you, it’s worth mentioning that flashlights today come with many features and brightness options. When purchasing a flashlight as an everyday carry (EDC), you will want to consider the basic features of the model, and then decide whether you would require additional functionality. These are the most important features to consider before selecting the right flashlight for you and your needs:


· Brightness – Most flashlights today use LED bulbs because they are brighter and more efficient than incandescent ones. The light output is typically measured in lumens, and lights can have anywhere from 20 lumens to 2000 lumens and more.

· Beam distance – Beam distance is measured in meters, as the distance from the flashlight to an object or to moonlight space. It is also referred to as ‘throw’ or ‘flood’ distance.

· Run time – This is measured in hours from the point of activation. Some flashlights can run for 100 hours or even more in low output mode. For an everyday carry model, you should choose a flashlight with a higher lumen output, somewhere in the 1000 lumens range.

· Construction – The model you consider buying should be durable and able to withstand tough conditions. Look for an LED flashlight that is made of top-quality military or weapon-grade aluminum. A textured grip also helps to keep the flashlight from slipping out of your hand, which is particularly important if you need to use it in the instance of self-defense.

· Size – Make sure that the model you chose is comfortable to use and convenient to carry. It should be lightweight and compact, and will easily fit into your pocket or bag, or be clipped to a belt hook or keychain.




· Switch types – Some LED torches have multiple switches in order to allow the user to quickly operate the light in different situations. The different switch types are tail-cap, body, and head/tail twist. The tail-cap and body switches can be simple on/off, or they can cycle through various modes. Rotating or twisting switches turn the light on and change modes by turning either the head or tail of the light. These switches are ideal for cases when the light is stored in a bag or a backpack, and you don’t want to accidentally turn on your flashlight when it's not needed.

· Impact resistance – This is measured in meters, and is determined by how well a flashlight will hold up when dropped from a particular height onto a concrete surface.

· Water resistance – The water resistance of LED torches is measured using an IP rating system and comes in three categories:

- IPX4 is water-resistant or splash-proof from all directions.

- IPX7 is waterproof and resistant to 1-meter submersion for 30 seconds.

- IPX8 is waterproof for submersion of 4 hours.


So now that you know what features to consider prior to selecting the right flashlight for you, it’s time to choose. And, Hokolite is here to help. We recommend one utterly well-received and top-performing flashlight: the super-bright handheld spotlight.

6000 lumens spotlightup to 6000 lumens spotlight


Why customers love it: This super bright flashlight from Hokolite is the ideal power solution for both your outdoor activities and everyday carry. IP66 rated, water-resistant up to 2m, with 1m drop resistance, it will prevent damage from splashes or accidental drops while you run, hike or kayak. You can carry it with confidence wherever you go.


The 3000ft lighting distance and 6000-lumen output offer the works perfectly for use on the move. Paired with an included fast-charging USB-C rechargeable battery, this flashlight can run for up to 8 hours in ultra-low mode, ensuring you have enough light for any activity. It can also power your cell phone device in an emergency. Sound like just the flashlight you’ve been seeking? Click here to get yours.


Everyone uses a smartphone that comes with a built-in torch, and so many people mistakenly believe that flashlights are no longer needed. But what they don't realize is that hand-held flashlights are far brighter and last much longer than those on your phone. Not to mention they’re also more reliable and can be used as a tool for communication and self-defense. You can't run around the neighborhood with your smartphone lighting up the path in front of you. You also can't comfortably hold your phone in your mouth while you're fiddling in the hood of your car or kayaking down the river.

So, as we all know, a flashlight is an essential tool to get through the ups and downs of life with an added sense of ease and comfort. Whether you use them daily or occasionally, there’s no doubt these lighting tools can make life high-powered. Browse our selection of flashlightstoday to find the perfect one for you. 

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