Buying Guide & Reviews: The Four  Best Handheld Spotlights

Buying Guide & Reviews: The Four Best Handheld Spotlights

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As a camper who frequents the great outdoors and wild terrain such as the uninhabited woods, mountains or coastal regions, you’ll know the utter importance of having access to a top-performing handheld light. Without any artificial light and only the glare of the moon to guide you in the dark wilderness, it becomes incredibly easy to lose your sense of direction or find yourself stumbling into dangerous situations. This, in addition to the simple factor of convenience, is why you without a doubt need a good light that’s strong and bright enough, not only to keep your surroundings illuminated, but to keep you from getting lost in unknown places.  


There are many new-age, innovative lighting products on the market – ranging from clip on lights, to illuminating vests, beanie lights and even pocket-sized models. But sometimes, a simple handheld light is all you need to do the trick. What’s more, they’re known for being extremely well performing, easy to manage, uncomplicated in functions and of course, durable to last in most environments. If you’ve clicked on this page, chances are you’re interested in getting your hands on a handheld light of our own. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let us introduce you tothe best and brightest handheld spotlights of 2022. Following the listing, we will inform you on need-to-know checkpoints when purchasing a handheld light of your own, as well as shedding light via informative reviews of our top four favorites. 

Buying guide for finding the best handheld spotlights

1. Brightness

Naturally when seeking an efficient and top-performing light, the first thing you need to consider is the brightness of the product. For example, when we want to take a spotlight on an adventure into the great outdoors or in the dark woods for a camping excursion, adequate illumination is an extremely vital factor. So how much brightness is enough? Well, a suitable brightness for a light is about 9000 lumens – this ensures great visibility without any stress or hassle. However, if you’re seeking basic specs and recommendations, around 6000 lumens will do the trick for standard illumination. 

2. Battery

There’s nothing more frightening or panic-inducing than running out of power and being left in complete darkness. As we’ve mentioned, and if you’re an avid outdoorsman you will know that the moonlight is not near enough illumination to keep your path or whereabouts visible when outdoors.  If you're going out into nature, you'll need a light with a strong battery so that your spotlight can maintain all-round visibility for a long period of time. We recommend 6000mAh and above – 9000mAh and 10000mAh are better options to ensure long lasting power.

3. Light mode

The majority of spotlights come with three standard lighting modes – normal mode, low light mode, and super bright mode. There must however, also be an SOS light mode present for emergency signaling. We’d like to think we’re prepared when out and about camping or exploring. However, you never know when danger might strike or an issue may arise. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and a flashlight with an SOS mode will be able to signal a call to someone nearby who may be able to provide help and assistance when in need.  

4. Material

The material makeup of the light is also extremely important to consider. Depending on what you’re using the spotlight for, you’ll more often than not require a durable and hard wearing casing, especially if you are a lover of camping or hiking. For example, you may be out exploring a beautiful trail when you have to cross under a waterfall to get to an enchanting cave, or it could be s situation as simple as misreading the weather and it begins to rain – regardless, you will need to carry a flashlight that is waterproof and won’t get damaged when in contact with liquid. We recommend using IPX4 or even IPX5 rated materials for top-tier waterproofing. It’s also vital to consider the durability of the materials used to make the flashlight. They’re best made from materials that are resistant to hard falls, and it will not be damaged if accidentally dropped in rough terrain.

Now that you have all the information you need to consider before purchasing your handheld spotlight, let's move on to our top four (with in depth reviews on why we rate them). 

Reviews on Our Top Four Handheld Spotlight

1. Rechargeable Handheld Spotlight

6000 Lumens LED Rechargeable Spotlight


This 6000 lumens rechargeable handheld spotlight definitely deserves to be number on our list. And you’re about to find out why. Not only does this model have 6000 lumens of high-brightness illumination, but it is also powered by a built-in 6600mAh lithium-ion battery for extreme power. Equipped with a portable charger, this handheld spotlight makes for added convenience when out and about, and even has a maximum lighting time of more than 7 hours, reaching a distance of about 3000 feet at night.


This large high-brightness LED spotlight flashlight is designed with four different lighting modes – high-brightness LED spotlight, medium-brightness LED spotlight, low-brightness LED spotlight, and strobe mode. Strobe mode acts as an SOS signal, keeping you safe should you require assistance when camping or lost outside in the dark. The LED searchlight's USB output port allows the emergency spotlight to be used as a portable charger for smartphones and other USB-powered devices, making it a great survival tool.


Here at Hokolite, we pride ourselves on utilizing only the best for our spotlights – and we refuse to use inferior materials. Our rechargeable hand-held spotlights are constructed of rugged, impact-resistant military-grade ABS material, complete with TPR to protect the system from drops and bumps while in use. The IP66 waterproof rating also makes the LED spotlights resistant to splashing water in any environment, adding another layer of confidence for outdoor use.


This spotlight also comes equipped with some added special features. The spotlight handle is ergonomically designed with a curved ridge, making it easier and more convenient for you to hold when conducting strenuous activities. There is a tripod screw hole at the bottom of the handle, allowing not only for you to release your hands and place the spotlight on a tripod for long-distance lighting, but to also hold and support the spotlight on the ground at any time to better adjust the angle and source of the illumination beam. 


In addition to all it’s incredible benefits, the sheer power of the 6000 lumens rechargeable handheld spotlight definitely makes it the best choice of its kind for 2022.

 handheld spotlights


2. Large Lumen Handheld Portable Light

9000 Lumens COB Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

handheld spotlights


There’s going to be no shortage of excellence when it comes to the products listed in this lineup. And the 9000 lumens rechargeable tactical spotlight is no different. With a whopping 9000 lumens behind its screen, this handheld portable light provides intense lighting with powerful spotlight distances reaching up to 1650 feet. Crazy! The beam is completely scalable, fully adjustable from narrow to wide, and is often used as a flood or spotlight (perfect for when you want to catch a front-row seat to a rare owl in the trees above your campsite). This USB rechargeable flashlight is equipped with a 26650 rechargeable lithium battery and a USB data cable, which allows it to be powered from a laptop, car charger, power bank, and any other power source for added convenience. What’s more, the battery can successfully run for 9 to 10 hours when fully charged. 


This tactical handheld flashlight is also equipped with three lighting modes, which, although the standard intensities of  high, medium and low brightness, have been designed to meet all your lighting needs without fault. It has a smart button design that makes it easier to choose the lighting mode you need, and effortlessly swap between modes while on the go.


This large lumen tactical flashlight is made from IPX5 waterproof material, allowing for uninterrupted and top-performing use in any weather conditions – including heavy rain and snow. Designed from extremely tough aluminum, this LED flashlight provides reliable performance in demanding environments, making it ideal for any outdoor activities.


It is also considered the best (and most durable) handheld searchlight for emergencies.


3. Foldable spotlight with sidelight

1200 Lumens COB & LED Rechargeable Flashlight With Tripod

handheld spotlights


The 1200 lumens COB & LED rechargeable flashlight is a force to be reckoned with. Although the illumination level may not match that of former contenders with a high of 9000 lumens, the ease of use and versatility of this handheld, portable flashlight certainly provides something to write home about. It comes complete with a built-in tripod for added convenience, while the large LED screen provides up to 1200 lumens of excellent illumination – also present across two compact headlights and sidelights. Powered by a 6000 mAh rechargeable battery, this flashlight can operate to fill capacity for more than eight hours when fully charged. It can also be used as a portable charger for smartphones and other USB-powered devices in the case of an emergency.


This bright LED flashlight is designed with six different lighting modes, including three LED spotlight modes and the COB modes, complete with a built-in strobe mode and warning light functionality.


The portable spotlights are made using high-quality ABS material, as well as IP44 everyday waterproofing designed to make the flashlight resistant to splashing water in the environment, and allowing it to function as usual even in variable and severe weather.


The most surprising thing about this model is the adjustable handle and foldable tripod design, which not only frees your hands to successfully conduct other tasks, but also allows you to adjust the lighting angle to meet your different needs – bringing you a ton of added convenience across a variety of situations. 


You’ll also require less space as there’s no need for an extra tripod, and the folding handle will make it that much easier to transport and access quickly.


If you happen to be looking for unmatched utility in a portable light, this rechargeable flashlight with a built-in tripod  is the one for you.


handheld spotlights

4. Zoom Portable Pen Down Light

800 Lumens LED Rechargeable Penlight Flashlight

handheld spotlights


If you're tired of bulky spotlights, then this varifocal pocket LED handheld torch is definitely not to be missed. This 800 lumens LED rechargeable penlight flashlight features a small metal clip on the tail of the product, enabling you to connect a string in order to carry it without hassle. It is also extremely small and lightweight, so you’ll be able to pop it into any sized pocket or bag for easy access in the case of an emergency.  


This penlight flashlight provides up to 800 lumens of bright and clean lighting with four different lighting modes (high, medium, low and LED strobe), suitable for lighting small spaces as well as conducting inspections, having adequate illumination during emergencies and more. Powered by a 1-cell Li-Ion battery, this flashlight will also provide up to six hours of strong lighting time once fully charged. 


Despite its small size, this model is not to be underestimated. The pen-sized flashlight is made from high-quality aluminum and is virtually indestructible! This portable penlight will see no damage or issues if used on rainy days or in extreme weather conditions, as it is entirely waterproof and durable. The highlight of the design is that you can adjust the focus between the spotlight and floodlight beams by simply pushing and pulling the head of this light, which is a rare functionality among other products like it on the market.


This flashlight is the perfect choice to keep tucked away, readily available in your backpack or pocket when you're out and about.


Now that you have all the information you need on what to look for when purchasing a handheld spotlight, as well as our recommendations of the best on the market, you won’t need to look any further! Visit to choose your favorite and start your tour!

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