Buying Guide & Reviews: The 4 Best Motion Sensor Lights

Buying Guide & Reviews: The 4 Best Motion Sensor Lights

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Imagine you’ve just arrived home from the grocery store, hands overflowing with bags. Or perhaps you’ve just come back from the drycleaners and have a ton of coats filling your arms. Maybe you’ve picked your little one up from school and have your hands full of supplies.  Whatever the occasion, wouldn't your life be made instantly easier if you were to walk into your pantry, and have the lights turn on instantaneously? Well, with motion sensor lights, anything is possible


The new motion sensor functionality is the ideal accessory for your LED lighting system. Motion sensors are a convenient way to turn on LEDs without having to manually flick any switch. 

There are many new-age, innovative lighting products on the market – ranging far beyond the standard handheld and clip-on flashlight models. Each day new and improved ideas are presented to help make everyday life a little bit less challenging, and far more interesting. LED motion sensor lights really fit this bill, and once you discover why they’re so amazing, you'll struggle to look anywhere else. 


If you’ve clicked on this page, chances are you’re interested in getting your hands on a motion sensor light of our own.  So, if you’re interested in acquiring the best possible motion sensor LED light on the market, then you've come to the right place. We’ve hand selected our top four Hokolite motion sensor lights that we highly recommend to meet all your functional needs, as well as visual preferences. Following the listing, we will inform you on need-to-know checkpoints when purchasing a handheld light of your own, as well as shedding light via informative reviews of our top four favorites. 

Why buy a motion sensor light, and what is its purpose?


Motion sensor lights offer a temporary switch that turns on the illumination when motion is detected, within the sensor's field of view. The light will stay on for a period of time after the movement is detected, and will remain on while the movement occurs. The motion sensor switch will then also turn off the light after a period of inactivity. In addition to being extremely hassle-free, the automated function ensures total coverage and guaranteed access to illumination when needed. This can come in handy in a variety of instances, especially when struggling.

Reduce energy costs

The most valuable benefit of motion sensor lights is the savings made on energy costs. The motion sensor turns on only when there is not enough natural light in the area, resulting in significant power and money savings. For example, your motion light will not turn on during the day or when it is getting light out – no wasted electricity!

Extend bulb life

Ever tried turning on a light and nothing happens? Then you look closely and see the bulb has completely blown? Well, no more! The presence of motion sensors greatly reduces the light-on time of the bulb, meaning that the power source and bulb longevity will be extended for a greater period.  

Deter crime

Installing motion sensor lighting around your home or building is a great way to deter crime and vandalism. There’s nothing more alarming than suddenly being drenched  in light when you’re doing something you’re not supposed to. All lighting will provide some form of a deterrent to trespassers. 


Another amazing feature of motion sensor lighting is that you'll always have easy access to lighting right when you need it, which solves the dilemma of people forgetting to turn off the lights during their day-to-day work. This again, not only adds an air of convenience, but will ensure you’re saving money on that gnarly power bill.  


The Best Motion Sensor Lights on Market

So, now that we know why motion sensor lights are so important and ingenious, let’s look into which models we recommend you purchase. We’ll go into depth about each light’s functionality, as well as our reviews thereof. Trust us, these are the best in the biz! 

1. Best for Innovation – Smart Baton Light

motion sensor lights

LED Rechargeable Wireless Motion Sensor Closet Light (Brown)

The LED rechargeable wireless motion sensor closet light (a mouthful, we know) is a stylish, modern and compact motion sensing light for everyday use. It has two different lighting modes (Automatic and ON) to optimize its LED motion sensor light in the dark. It will automatically turn on for up to 13 feet and automatically turn off after 35 seconds of no motion detection, saving a ton of power. It can also be disassembled and used as a flashlight for on-the-go illumination. 


It can be placed anywhere you want without any wiring, and you can simply install the lamp base with the provided glue pads. At the same time, the magnet is cleverly hidden inside the base and can be easily adsorbed on the metal surface for extra convenience when disassembling. The rechargeable design is also more environmentally friendly and practical.


Practical without compromising on design, this innovative sensor light reflects Hokolite’s philosophy of making everyday objects smarter both aesthetically and functionally. This model can brighten dull hallways, stairwells, closets, pantries and can even be used as a bedside lamp – all depending on your individual needs.

 motion sensor lights

2. Best for Energy Saving – Stair Movement Light 6 Piece Set

Motion sensor lights

200 Lumens LED Battery Motion Sensor Stair Lights 6Pack

The 200 lumens LED battery motion sensor model is by far the best pastable stair light. It’s small and compact (which is convenient), profoundly energy-saving and super easy to install, meeting all your requirements and desires for a top-performing induction stair light.


This favorable stair sensor light provides soft lighting through using unique energy-saving technology. Powered by three AAA batteries, it can provide up to a whole year of soft lighting by simply utilizing energy efficient SMDs, instead of ordinary LED lighting.


When the light sensor detects enough darkness, the motion sensor will automatically activate illumination and track movement. The motion sensor light will provide a detection angle of 120 degrees and a range of about 10 feet. It will also automatically turn on and illuminate your road and garden for a total of 20-25 seconds, and automatically turn off after about 20 seconds of no motion detected – again saving power.


What’s more, you’ll get 12 screws and 6 adhesive pads free with every purchase! Efficient and a great deal? Yes please!

3. Best for Highlight – Motion Sensing Closet Lights 3 Pack

motion sensor lights

Brightness 10 LED Motion Sensor Closet Lights 3 Pack

Hate the look of standard round lights? Wish you could find something functional that blends seamlessly into your cool decor? You’ll love this contemporary and stylish model, which has a slim, unassuming build while fitting into any space.


This unique motion sensor closet light is the brightest closet light of them all, even brighter than all similar lights on the market. That’s because each light is equipped with 10 LED beads, providing more than enough light to ensure that you do not trip while walking down the stairs in the dark.


This motion sensing closet light is equipped with a smart sensor chip, which has top reliable performance and high sensitivity – expertly designed to accurately detect your movements in advance. It will automatically turn on within 10 feet of your steps, and subsequently turn off after 25 to 30 seconds of no motion detected, saving energy and being environmentally friendly as a result.


Powered by four AAA batteries for long-term lighting, this exceptional model comes complete with a pack of adhesive strips and magnetic strips – no tools or screws needed, and you can stick them anywhere you like. They even add an extra edge to spaces such as walk-in wardrobes. Placing a few motion sensor lights on your stairs or in dimly lit hallways is always a good choice.


4. Best for 360° Rotation – Induction Light 2 Piece Set


500 Lumens COB 360° Auto Battery Wireless Motion Sensor Light 2Pack (Black) 

The biggest selling point of this 500 lumens COB auto battery sensor light is that it comes with a 360 degree rotation functionality, allowing you to place the light at the base of the feature, and easily rotate the illuminating motion sensor in the direction of your choice. This model is a great option for those who wish to meet various indoor needs, and are seeking a flexible, easily interchangeable option.


This top-performing light has two different lighting modes, Auto and Log-on. It is equipped with a high-quality sensor mode for use in the dark, as well as a 90-degree motion range, auto-on within 10 feet, and always-on when moving. Once you're stationary for a few seconds or out of range, this light will turn off instantly, greatly extending its lifespan.


These motion activated lights are powered by three AAA batteries, making repowering extra convenient. You can fix it to any area or surface you like, by easily attaching the lamp holder with screws or the included glue pads. You can also utilize the powerful built-in magnets to attach it to a metal surface with ease. 


This motion sensor light can be used not only as a closet light, but also as a stair light, handheld torch, night light, and much more. You can also place it in any room or corner, to keep your home safely illuminated and your family far from risk of falling or injuring themselves in the dark. 


The range of benefits and draw cards when it comes to motion sensor lights is almost too much to name. If you’re seeking style, longevity, functionality and convenience all in one great package, then a motion sensor light (or four!) is definitely the one for you.


No longer will you need to fumble for the light switch in the dark, or have to manage with a small stream of light from a little flashlight. No longer will you need to slow down and be careful in order not to trip over in the poor visibility, and no longer will you need to bend your elbow into an advanced yoga position to turn on the light by reaching into awkward space to find the switch.


Motion sensor lights move with people, and give the feeling of the whole home having a conjoined spirituality. The present atmosphere and complete automation makes for a truly relaxed, human--oriented home environment. 


The motion sensor light is not only a practical choice, but a clever one. Due to their exquisite shapes, soft, warm hues, dynamic light angles and innovative shadow projection, these models are the absolute rendering and embellishment of a quintessential family atmosphere. We’re not exaggerating when we say that once the motion sensor light bug bites, you’ll find it difficult to move onto anything else.


Now that you have all the information you need on what to look for when purchasing a motion sensor light, as well as our recommendations of the best on the market, you won’t need to look any further! So, don’t hesitate a second longer! Get browsing through thehokolite motion sensor collection and pick the perfect model for you. You may want to consider getting more than one however, as we guarantee you’re going to be hooked after your first purchase. The motion sensor light really is the way of the future. Buy yours today and stay ahead of the game!

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