The Top Considerations When Selecting a Flashlights

The Top Considerations When Selecting a Flashlights

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Before we dive into which important factors you need to consider before choosing the correct flashlight for you and your specific requirements, we first need to outline the many different flashlights available on the market – because there are many! Despite being different in power, durability and design, each flashlight offers unique functionalities suited to various needs. For example, perhaps you’re seeking a flashlight solely for nighttime walks, we have the perfect one in mind. Maybe you’re into something a little more advanced for extreme outdoor adventuring, or even simply need something to illuminate your space. No matter the reason nor occasion, there is a flashlight perfect suited to your wish list. At present, the majority of mainstream flashlights are divided into three defining groups – EDC flashlights, full-size tactical flashlights and spotlights. So what’s the difference between them, and what do they do? You’re about to find out!

Main Types of Flashlights

EDC Flashlights

The EDC flashlight is a small, compact and portable light source that has been uniquely designed so that you can take it anywhere for added convenience. Common types of EDC tactical flashlights include small frame models such as pen lights and keychain lights, each of which can be comfortably stored and transported in small places such as your pocket.


Full-size Tactical Flashlights


Full-size tactical flashlights look extremely similar to standard, or classic, flashlights. They are typically 9-13 inches in size, and can weigh up to a few pounds. What truly makes them a great flashlight option is their brightness, not only is the light range wide, the light penetrates very well, the size and solid construction of these flashlights also makes them an effective defensive tool in an emergency.