The Best Camping Lanterns of 2022

The Best Camping Lanterns of 2022

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From a single candle to an ancient lantern, camping lights have undoubtedly come a long way since their initial inception. When you're outside in the depths of nature with your family and little ones, you’ll definitely need some good lighting on hand to reduce the dreaded darkness of the forest and the ‘evening scariest. Even if you’re a solo traveler or are spending a few nights in the fresh air with friends, you still need a rechargeable camping light to keep animals, pests, and other dangers away. It’s also beneficial for nighttime tasks like prepping dinner or navigating your way through the campsite! For all these reasons and more, we’ve taken a deep dive into the best camping lanterns of 2022 to light up your life. Here are our top picks on the market for 2022, as well as a detailed comparison table and buying advice to help you choose the best rechargeable camping lanterns for all of your upcoming camping adventures.

How do I choose a camping lantern?

Before you select your favorite from our list of top camping light recommendations for 2022, you need to have a clear idea of what to look for before making a final decision on the light best suited to you and your needs. To that end, we've curated this detailed buyer's guide to answer some basic questions, and outline the major factors you should be considering when shopping for an ideal camping light. Take the time to brush up on your knowledge of light functionality and features, you won’t regret it!

The Best Camping Lanterns for Lighting Up Your Campsite


If you’re an avid flashlight connoisseur (or even if you aren’t), you may know that brightness is measured in lumens. The brighter the light, the higher the number of lumens. Most rechargeable camping lanterns use a variation of LED bulbs specifically designed so that they don't reach too high a brightness. The brightness you need depends completely on you and should be decided based on the size of your campsite and the distance you need to adequately see it from when out in the woods. If a light has a lower lumen count, it will be a great choice for warmly illuminating tent interiors. Those with higher lumens, however, are naturally able to illuminate further distances, meaning you can even light up an entire campground!

Light mode

Various light settings are available on different rechargeable camping lanterns to control the brightness to your preferred levels There are generally high, medium, and low light modes, and you can easily switch between several light modes at once to save battery life on those longer camping trips. Some rechargeable camping lanterns also have SOS settings, cleverly designed to be used as a distress signal in the case of danger. An added layer of safety when outdoors is always beneficial! 

Dimensions and weight

If you’re after a small or compact rechargeable camping lantern that can be easily carried around, you’ll need to pay special attention to a flashlight’s size when selecting the right one for you. Applicable functions such as whether it can be folded, if it’s portable and lightweight, etc. are all important factors you will need to consider. Lighter lanterns, for example, are great options for hanging inside tents or on low branches – an easily transportable option for lovely, warm light.


Waterproof and drop-resistant

When camping outdoors and in nature, there is of course always the potential for precipitation and the occasional splash of mud or water. Ideally, outdoor electronics such as camping lights should have an IP rating of at least IPX4, which means they can be safely splashed on or exposed to rain for short periods without being adversely affected. You don’t want your trusty lighting tool breaking down on the first day of your adventure, so opting for a model that is waterproof and durable is always a good idea. 


Our Team's Picks for The Top Camping Lights

Now that you know what to look for when selecting the perfect rechargeable camping lanterns for you and your specific needs, let’s dive into some of our favorites here at Hokolite. 

  • The Best Overall Camping Light: 3000 Lumens 360° COB Rechargeable Camping Lantern

  • The Best Extra Long Run Camping Lantern: 2500 Lumens COB Battery Camping Lantern

  • The Best Vintage All-In-One Lantern: 1500 Lumens 360° COB Vintage Rechargeable Camping Lantern

  • The Best Ultralight Compact Lantern: 4000 Lumens LED & COB Rechargeable Collapsible Lantern


The Best Overall Camping Light

3000 Lumens 360° COB Rechargeable Camping Lantern ($38.99)

The best overall camping lantern

Weight: 1.39 lbs

Maximum lumens: 3000

Battery type: Rechargeable (USB)

Notable features: 360° lighting, 5 light modes, memory function, waterproof and drop-resistant, power bank


A modern take on the traditional camping light, this rechargeable camping lantern is one of the most popular designs on the market, and for good reason. An impressive maximum output of 3000 lumens provides 360-degrees of great, even lighting, and you also have the option to charge the lantern via USB (which comes in the form of a free gift). Rechargeable options are always a better choice over those with disposable batteries, as they eliminate the need to pack extra and help reduce waste for the environment. This rechargeable camping lantern also comes with a port for powering your other electronics, providing extra-long battery life for emergency lighting.


This hanging lantern comes equipped with five different lighting modes, including a white light mode ranging from 900 lumens to 3000 lumens, and an important red light SOS mode with a flashing safety warning function. The other modes are simply high, medium, and low, to adjust the strength of the beam to your liking. In addition, its unique 8-second memory function will allow you to choose your preferred modes mode more conveniently. Check it out now!

camping lantern with 5 light modes

This rechargeable camping lantern is a very convenient choice for users who wish to carry around a lightweight, yet durable, light source when out camping or participating in other outdoor activities. The model also comes equipped with top hooks, which are easily able to hang from branches or tent interiors to free your hands when conducting important tasks around the campsite. It is designed from sturdy plastic and rubber, making this camping light even more durable and IP44 waterproof for use in the rain. If you’re looking for the hanging lantern, this is it!

The Best Extra Long Run Camping Lantern

2500 Lumens COB Battery Camping Lantern ($42.99)

The Best Extra Long Run Camping Lantern

Weight: 1.41 lbs

Maximum lumens:2500

Battery type: 4 D batteries

Notable features: 360° lighting, dimming mode, rotatable handle, waterproof and durable


Nature has very little natural light, barring the occasional illumination from the moon on clear nights. But, if there is no moon or the light is covered by thick brush and forests, you’ll want to have a plan B. More often than not natural light itself is nowhere near enough light to be able to conduct your evening tasks with ease. When looking for a light that keeps you out of darkness for long periods, you’ll want to consider not only its strength but its run time. Speaking of runtime, how do a solid 72 hours of illumination sound? Well, there's only one light on this list that delivers that kind of punch, and it does it the old-fashioned way…


It may not be rechargeable as most newer, more popular models on the market are nowadays, but if you’re after extra-long run time and impressive power, then this alkaline battery-operated lantern – using four massive D-type batteries –will do the trick and then some. And just because it uses an old-school powering technique, does not mean this model is lacking behind.


The new COB light technology of this battery-operated lantern produces up to 2500 lumens of high brightness, while also directing a far-reaching wide beam in all 360-degree directions. With the variable power dial, the lighting strength can be adjusted from high to low brightness according to your needs or preferences at the time of use. There’s also an easily accessible on/off button that allows you to cycle through the lighting modes without fumbling and hassle, only adding to the convenience you seek when out camping.


The Best Camping Lantern with handle 


This extra-long run camping lantern also completely rains and is waterproof, so there’s no need to fret if you leave it outside your tent overnight in poor weather. Made of high-quality materials, this model is sturdy and durable with an ergonomic handle, making it the perfect companion for camping, hiking, and any other outdoor adventure.


The Best Vintage All-In-One Lantern

1500 Lumens 360° COB Vintage Rechargeable Camping Lantern ($32.99)

The Best Vintage All-In-One Lantern

Weight: 0.73 lbs

Maximum lumens: 1500

Battery Type: Rechargeable

Notable features: Retro design, collapsible hook, dimmer switch


Most campers stick with traditional lanterns for lighting, but if you're looking for a cozy and unique atmosphere, then this unique retro camping lantern is a great option. ThisRechargeable Camping Lantern from Hokolite boasts what is probably our favorite design for lighting while outdoors. This model is made from high-quality bronzed plastic that will add a lovely, warm ambiance to your environment, and can also be used for garden and outdoor party decor. 


This vintage camping lantern comes equipped with a dimmer switch, completely different from the traditional button switch which can only be adjusted from low brightness to high brightness. The dimmer switch allows you to have full control over the brightness level so that you can better meet your lighting needs. This rechargeable design is lightweight and portable, weighing only 0.73 pounds, and also features a USB port for you to power your mobile phone (always good to have a working cell phone in the case of an emergency) when you are out camping in the wilderness.


railroad lanterns charge your phone


This vintage lantern has a foldable, sturdy metal hook on top, allowing you to hang your light source on a tree branch or inside the frame of your tent with ease. Having your hand's free while outdoors and camping is always beneficial, and this vintage camping light will do all the work for you while you’re busy with other tasks. What’s more, the unique, vintage lantern makes this model a fun and creative option for aesthetic backyard parties and group camping trips on a special occasions.


The Best Ultralight Collapsible Lantern Lantern

4000 Lumens LED&COB Rechargeable Collapsible Lantern ($42.99)

The Best Ultralight Compact Lantern

Weight:1.42 lbs

Maximum lumens: 4000

Battery Type: Rechargeable

Notable features: High lumen, retractable, waterproof, foldable hook


This 2-in-1 power lantern features a lightweight and easily packable design, all at a wonderfully affordable price. For a wallet-friendly $42, this model combines a high brightness of 4000 lumens with four varying light modes, one of which is a warm light mode for a lovely ambiance and cozy atmosphere at camp.


The collapsible lantern offers a unique retractable design that enables the light to easily fold into a transportable, compact disc. This exciting foldable feature makes this model a wonderful choice for those seeking something lightweight, and easy to carry or store anywhere. If you’ve ever spent a few days outdoors, you’ll know that any practice you can do to reduce the burden of unprepared camping is a definite must. The collapsible hook atop the lantern allows the light to be easily hung upside down from trees, tent poles, stands, and tables – adding an extra layer of convenience and ambiance. Shop now on Hokolite!


With all these great features, there’s got to be a catch right? Perhaps you’re thinking this rechargeable camping lantern is less durable or not waterproof? Well, you’d be wrong! This 2-in-1 power lantern is made from high-quality silicone shade and an ABS plastic base that provides a high level of shock resistance – perfect for camping, hiking through rough terrain, or even setting off on an early morning kayak and coffee trip.  

 waterproof and collapsible camping lantern Collapsible lantern with hanging hook

So, now you know what important specs to consider before buying, and which of the top lighting models on the market we at Hokolite best recommend. All that’s left to do is visit our website today to purchase the perfect camping companion for you. Happy camping!


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