5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Rechargeable Headlamp

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Rechargeable Headlamp

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Headlights are an extremely vital addition in any outdoor kit, mostly because, unlike regular flashlights which require you to lug them around in your hand or backpack, headlights, or headlamps as they’re most commonly known, will easily attach to your forehead – illuminating your path with hands free ease of use. 


This sought-after benefit will come in handy in a variety of instances, from hiking along a treacherous or poorly visible trail, to navigating your way through a dark campsite or searching through an unlit tent, and even conducting nighttime maintenance work or checking under the hood of a car. No matter the situation, one thing we can be sure of is that the convenience of headlamps cannot be underestimated. 

Types of Headlamps


Now that we know why they’re so important, the next question to ask ourselves is which type of headlamp is best suited to us and our specific needs: a rechargeable headlamp, or one that is powered with alkaline batteries? 


While they may sound one in the same, they in fact differ in many important ways, as no two headlamps are identical. When looking at the options, it is easiest to divide them into the different types of models based on their various differentiating classifications. According to the power supply classification, headlamps are divided into these two main distinctive versions: rechargeable models and battery-operated models.


USB rechargeable batteries have become more common in recent years and are our personal go-to headlamp variation, due to their convenient design and streamlined size. There are so many benefits to rechargeable headlamp led, which we will expand on below, and we have no doubt that rechargeable and portable lights are the future. 


So, now that you know the back story, now it’s time to investigate why they’re such a great choice. We've listed 5 reasons below why we believe you should buy a rechargeable headlamp instead of a battery-powered (or alkaline) one.

5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase a Rechargeable Headlamp

It will save you money

Rechargeable headlamps actually used to be far more expensive than their battery counterparts, which is understandable given its sought-after functionality. Over time, however, rechargeable lights have transitioned to becoming the more affordable option. Just think, a standard alkaline headlamp with three AAA batteries costs $2 to replace just one of those batteries, and will provide only about 2.5 hours of light. Therefore, if you were to replace the battery once a week for a year, the full battery costs will amount to a whopping $109.20! By comparison however, it costs just less than $1 to charge a rechargeable headlamp once a week for the entire year. It’s a no-brainer that rechargeable headlamps are the best headlamp option for those looking to save a ton of money in the long run. 

It reduces waste & is better for the environment

Choosing a rechargeable headlamp means no longer having to purchase an excess of, or dispose of, wasteful batteries. Reducing the impact of disposable products on the environment is a huge drawcard of the rechargeable headlamp option. Even though all batteries have the potential to be harmful to the environment, rechargeable batteries naturally last much longer, meaning you will need to dispose of them far less frequently – which, in turn, means much less waste.

It is compact and saves space

This is a very important drawcard for backpackers and avid hikers. When going on a hiking or camping trip, adventurers prefer to prepare a lightweight backpack that won't make the journey unwieldy and treacherous. This is where the rechargeable headlamp comes in. Instead of stocking up on replacement batteries in the case of them running out, simply grab a compact USB cable that takes up minimal to no space in your luggage –  leaving more room for other important essentials.

It is extremely lightweight

It’s important to check the weight of your headlamp if you are planning to wear it for long durations of time. Not only will a battery-powered headlamp be far more heavy on materials, it will also rest slightly more uncomfortably on your forehead given its added weight. And no one wants to carry unnecessary extra weight, such as batteries, on a long hike or a challenging run. This also promotes the same benefit as saving space – where too many spare batteries can add stress to your journey in terms of lack of available room, it can also add a level of discomfort due to the heaviness. Rechargeable headlamps, however, will make your journey that much easier.

It offers a higher output of lumens 

Rechargeable lithium batteries simply have a higher power capacity than alkaline batteries, and are therefore specially designed for power-hungry devices such as flashlights and headlamps. Using rechargeable lithium batteries will also provide a constant output of light, which means that rechargeable products are able to consistently provide the highest possible lumen output without damaging the LEDs.


Not only that, but rechargeable headlamp designed with lithium batteries are a great choice for cold-weather use, as lithium batteries perform better in cold conditions than alkaline batteries, with a higher steady lumen output.


Introducing the Hokolite Rechargeable Headlamp

After covering the top 5 benefits of rechargeable headlamps above, we’re now going to take a quick look at some of the best-performing headlamps of our tests, followed by full-length reviews of the aforementioned and other top models, as well as buying advice on how to ensure you find the perfect one for you.


1. The king of motion sensing

1200 Lumens 210° Wide Beam COB Rechargeable Headlamp With Motion Sensor (Gray)




Spotlight and floodlight mode

Strange halo effect due to the lighting design can be distracting

Power on/off with motion sensor


Extremely lightweight



This 1200 lumen silicone headlam is a highly affordable and rechargeable headlamp that is much cheaper than battery-powered headlamp, making it an extremely popular choice for running, hiking and other outdoor activities. 


The running headlamp is equipped with a rechargeable battery and a USB cable, which eliminates the need for disposable batteries. This results in a fast charging experience for added convenience, as well as a prolonged battery life and therefore, a reduction of damage to the environment. It's the best running head lamp.


This rechargable led headlamp is also extremely versatile and lightweight. The COB strip light strip is made of a soft silicone material, which can be folded at will without affecting the use and efficiency of the product. The headlamp is utterly compact, weighing only 2.56 ounces, and can be easily slipped into a pocket to save on extra space when not in use.


This silicone headlamp features 1200 lumens, 210° wide beam illumination to illuminate any large area, indoors or outdoors. Not only does it provide a constant high lumen output, but the frequency of the light source still doesn't damage the LEDs. It has two light modes, one of which is the spotlight mode, with the other being the floodlight. The spotlight mode ensures the light source is strong enough to illuminate a far distance ahead of us, while the floodlight mode casts a vast range of light below your feet to ensure where you are stepping is entirely visible. 


In addition to all these perks, this rechargeable headlamp also has a unique motion sensor ability, allowing you to simply swipe your hand in front of the bulb to turn it on and off. Added ease of use and another effortless way to save battery life? Yes please! This awesome feature is almost never seen in headlamps at such an affordable price, making it a stellar option for those seeking something high-performing and simultaneously cost effective. 


2. 230° Visibility

1000 Lumens COB 230°Wide Beam Rechargeable Headlamp Flashlight

rechargeable headlamp




Convert to use as a flashlight

External cable coils can be distracting when  running

4 cap clips included


Flashing red light for safety



Our team at Hokolite loves this effortlessly stylish and compact running headlamp, not only for its performance and functionality, but for its comfortable fit as well. But that’s not all… 


First of all, it is a sought-after rechargeable headlamp, with a USB cable, so that there is no need to use a plethora of expensive and environmentally-damaging alkaline batteries. Purchasing this model will not only save you costs in the long run, but it will provide you with more hours of battery power for far less effort and hassle. It is also extremely low-waste and Earth-friendly, which is in line with the sustainable concept that our Hokolite range has always advocated. 


Weighing in at just a modest 3.8 ounces, this hard hat led headlamp folds up for convenient placement inside pockets, saving a ton of space. It’s also equipped with not one, but four clips, so that it can be firmly (and easily) attached to your hat or headgear.


1000-lumen high-brightness hardhat headlamps will adequately  provide enough light for most outdoor activities, while the 230° wide-angle field of view makes this headlamp ideal for outdoor running, cycling, hiking, and more. Another excitingly unique feature is the ability to toggle the red taillights, which act as warnings, for road driving – so that you have the power to direct the signal wherever you deem necessary. 

3. The hunter’s favorite

1000 Lumens LED&COB Rechargeable Multi-Color Headlamp With Motion Sensor

rechargeable headlamp




Red and green light mode

Strange halo effect due to the lighting design can be distracting



Rechargeable focus function



This rechargeable multi-color headlamp has been a firm favorite among experts since its initial introduction on the market. Its sought-after offerings of extra high brightness, an extensive array of flashing patterns, a wide beam (visible from multiple angles), and its own red and green lights, all available at a lower price than the other headlamps at just $35.99, make it one for the books. 


This rechargeable flashlight headlamp comes with a compact USB cable, and only needs to be charged a few times throughout its life cycle. This, again, results in less money spent as you needn’t purchase batteries time and time again. Not buying batteries also means reducing waste and the add up of disposable products, which is very important for environmental protection.


The model also comes with a rotary focus knob, allowing you to experience an array of different lighting, flom floodlights and spotlight, at the mere touch of a finger. It also offers an extremely convenient motion sensing mode, where you can control the light more flexibly by simply waving your hand in front of the sensor as you go. No need to pause and fumble around in the dark with this one! 


At just 3.2 ounces, this rechargeable headlamp is very compact and lightweight, making it the best choice for lengthy travel and outdoor adventures. The rechargeable LED headlamp swivels flexibly from 0° to 90°, fitting securely at the desired angle without shaking, losing grip or wobbling when doing  tightly at the perfect angle without wobbling when running or doing other strenuous, high-intensity activities.


At its brightest, it produces 1000 lumens of high illumination, which is a great amount for effortless visibility in the darkness. Additionally, it has red and green night vision LEDs, each of which offer their own unique benefits. The red light function allows you to hang out at camp or chat around a campfire, still being able to effectively see in the dark, without blinding your companions. The green light function however, is very suitable for night time hunting, as it will illuminate your path clearly without frightening your prey. This headlamp is therefore a great gift option for any hunters in your circle. 

So, which headlamp model should you choose?  

At the end of the day, the choice between whether you opt for a rechargeable or alkaline battery-powered headlamp is entirely up to you. That being said however, we truly believe that you’ll get the best for your buck (not to mention a slew of added benefits), by choosing one of the above top-performing rechargeable headlamps. All that’s left for you to do is head on over to the official Hokolite website, and select your favorite! 



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