Be Prepared! What You Need in Case of an Emergency

Be Prepared! What You Need in Case of an Emergency

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We live in a very unpredictable world, filled with surprises and unexpected challenges waiting around every corner. When heading outdoors and into the unknown, it’s incredibly important that every individual or family is extremely well-prepared and equipped to deal with any kind of situation they may find themselves in. 


In order to feel completely at ease and ready for any turn of events, we can take a page out of the most professional adventure enthusiasts, who prepare a vast variety of top-tier outdoor survival equipment prior to embarking on any journey, long or short. And although we may not find ourselves facing such a level of wild terrain and unknown elements, it’s still important to ensure we have what we need to stay safe and prepared for anything that may come our way.


This is where emergency kits come into play – and we’re not talking paramedic-grade tools and equipment. Of course, it depends on where and how you are embarking on your journey, but often even the most simple of emergency kits are well enough equipped to deal with various events and circumstances.


So, what exactly is an emergency kit you may ask? Well, an emergency kit is a collection of essential items designed to get you safely through any kind of emergency or tough situation, ranging from advanced equipment to standard survival items. 


When heading outdoors, camping, or on an expedition of some kind, one can come across an array of unsuspected emergencies, ranging from natural disasters such as blizzards, ice storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other severe weather conditions, to unforeseen or dangerous situations when far away from the help of others. 


Although we’d love to believe that these things will never happen to us, the chances are we could actually very well come face to face with one, if not all, of these unfortunate events in our lifetime – especially as outdoor and nature enthusiasts. Therefore it’s vital that every group of friends or family is prepared with the necessary items to assist them in any kind of situation when out and about.  


Here are the basic items to include in an emergency kit, use the list below to get started:

Water (at least one gallon per person per day)

Non-perishable foods (such as dried fruit, peanut butter, tinned items or energy bars)

Prescription medication if needed

Extra battery or alternative/ backup power source

Battery-powered or hand-crank radio

A flashlight (rechargeable led spotlight, camping lantern, work light or led work light)

Sharp pocket knife

A whistle or siren that sounds a distress signal

A manual can opener


While all of the above are extremely important when it comes to compiling an emergency kit, there is one thing that lends itself to meeting a ton of important requirements at the simple click of a button – the humble, yet utterly vital, flashlight.


We know just how important it is to feel safe and secure when out in the unknown or faced with the unexpected, and are committed to doing our part to ensure you feel at ease during any difficult times. That’s why we’ve consulted our experts and have come up with a solution to assist you whenever you may need it – a stable, primary, and accessible emergency light designed over a trio of models.  


After careful review of our product line, our experts have recommended that you obtain a variety of emergency lights with different functions, each suited to your individual needs. Below we will focus on the top three variations of emergency lights, all of which have been field-tested and reviewed to ensure top performance.

Emergency light Applicable Maximum Lumens  Maximum usage time 
Best Lighting Spotlight: Waterproof Handheld Spotlight Blizzard-prone areas 6000 8 hours
Best Lightweight Camping Lights: Foldable Camping Lights Coastal hurricane and earthquake-prone areas 4000 9 hours
Best Auto Repair Work Light: Dual-Headed Work Light Car, repair, wild adventure,fishing 2500 10 hours

We took these three emergency lights out into the wilderness for testing at night, and all performed with stellar results. Combining brightness, versatility, and great lighting time, they are guaranteed to survive and outlast any emergency. 


Focusing on the above vital checklist points, we summarized that an expert emergency light needs to provide illumination without glare, have enough usage time to support you through said emergency, and be sturdy enough to withstand rough handling. These are our top recommended flashlights that meet each criterion. 

Best Lighting Spotlight: Waterproof Handheld Spotlight

6000 Lumens LED Rechargeable Spotlight



This waterproof handheld spotlight isn't without its shortcomings, but it's our personal favorite all-around spotlight within the range, and we’ll tell you why. This spotlight varies from traditional spotlights on the market, in the sense that it has not one, but four different light modes – three spotlights with different brightness, and a strobe light. It also runs smoothly for 2-3 hours while on its brightest lighting setting, and, when in strobe light mode, the lighting time lasts up to eight hours to ensure comfort in long-term emergencies.


When shifted into high lighting mode, this spotlight provides up to 6000 lumens and can reach a distance of about 3000 feet at night – an excellent lighting effort for any model. Something like this can come in handy in snow storm-prone areas, where villages can be submerged under heavy snow overnight. But with this spotlight, you will be able to see the situation surrounding you clearly and contact emergency personnel in time.


In addition to top lighting performance, this spotlight also has an LED USB output port, designed to charge smartphones and a portable charger that can power other USB devices. It’s no secret that the ability to maintain good communication in a disaster where all circuits are down is extremely important, and now you can with ease.


This flashlight is also large enough to host a stand at the top, which can be held or supported on the ground at any time to better adjust the angle and light source of the spotlight, for added convenience. However there is a slight catch 22 with its size, and although it can add a level of helpfulness, it can also be considered a flaw. With dimensions of 8.98 x 5.67 x 6.38 inches, and weighing 2.06 pounds, it may not fit in your pack. 


Those are relatively minor hiccups, though, and the flaws are far outweighed by the excellent lighting and reach of this waterproof handheld spotlight. Not to mention you could always invest in a bigger pack for easy transportation on the move!  For excellent lighting in case of an emergency or as a backup during a power outage, this handheld spotlight is the flashlight for you. 

Product Specifications:

Maximum Lumens: 6000

Maximum burn time: 8 hours

Power supply: rechargeable

Weight: 2.06 lbs


Best Lightweight Camping Light

3000 Lumens 360° COB Rechargeable Camping Lantern In Green/Black/Orange

This 3000 Lumens Rechargeable Lantern - your ultimate companion for various situations, from blackouts to camping adventures. This versatile lantern boasts an impressive 360 degrees of soft white light, capable of illuminating an entire room with ease. Whether you find yourself in the midst of a power outage or enjoying the great outdoors, this lantern is designed to provide reliable and convenient lighting.


Not just your ordinary lantern, this product comes with a unique collapsible hanging hook, allowing you to suspend it from above and create a hands-free area light. This feature is especially handy during camping trips, providing ample illumination without the need for holding the lantern. Imagine the convenience of having a well-lit space while keeping your hands free for other tasks.


Crafted with durability in mind, the camping lantern is constructed from high-impact plastic, ensuring it can withstand the rigours of outdoor use. To enhance its ruggedness, the top and base are coated in rubber, providing an extra layer of protection. This design ensures that the lantern remains sturdy and reliable, ready to accompany you on all your adventures.


In addition to its exceptional lighting capabilities, this lantern also doubles as a 4,400mAh battery bank. Never worry about running out of power for your devices during camping trips or emergencies. With this lantern, you have a reliable power source to keep your devices charged, offering peace of mind and practicality in various situations.


Whether you're in need of a reliable source of light during repairs, facing a sudden power outage, dealing with emergencies, or enjoying the serenity of outdoor camping, the 3000 Lumens Rechargeable Lantern is the perfect solution. Invest in this versatile and durable lantern to elevate your lighting experience in any situation.


We wholeheartedly recommend this camping light for those who want the efficiency and benefits of emergency lighting, without having to sacrifice space, weight, or ease of use. This model is also slightly more affordable than other options, making it an ideal emergency light for emergency responders on a budget.

Product Specifications:

Maximum Lumens: 3000

Maximum burn time: 10 hours

Power supply: rechargeable

Weight: 1.39 pounds

Best Auto Repair Work Light: Dual-Headed Work Light

2500 Lumens COB Rechargeable Work Light

work light

The double-headed work light has a unique design, offering not one, but two COB headlights for added visual reach. The functional pairing allows you to turn both or just the one light with ease, and alter the angle of the light by 360° to reach a variety of different positions – providing an excellent expanse and source of light to keep you covered in various emergency situations.


This model is light, compact and durable, ensuring it takes up minimal space and can be easily transported from place to place. It also contains a swivel stand that can be folded and used as a lantern, much like our efficient camping light. The bracket contains magnets that attach it firmly to the roof when repairing your car or organizing your tent, allowing for you to be completely hands-free.


The 2500 lumen bulb is fairly bright and gives a soft glow, and offers five different light modes including a red flashing light that can be used as a warning light – proving very useful when out on camping adventures or sitting idle on the side of the road while changing your tire.


The double-headed work light is also hosted to a multi-purpose USB port, allowing the rechargeable battery to charge your phone, and a battery indicator showing the remaining power in both power sources should you wish to use either as an emergency backup. Should you find yourself in a situation where you need to do some urgent repair work in a dark setting, these dual-ended work lights are a great and favorable option.

Product Specifications:

Maximum Lumens: 2500

Maximum burn time: 10 hours

Power supply: rechargeable

Weight: 1.06 pounds


Preparing an emergency kit for your family is not only a necessity for ensured safety and peace of mind, it is also an educational milestone. Involving your little ones in the preparation of compiling your equipment and excursion necessities will help them better understand what to do in the face of emergencies, and to avoid injury. If they’re more inclined to play on iPad than assist you in packing your kit, you can find a way to make it both fun, interactive, and informative for them through inventing a fun game of some sort. Not only will they learn the relevant knowledge you are trying to pass on, but they’ll have a great time while doing it! 


An emergency can happen at any moment, often when we least expect it. Mother Nature has her own calendar, and she’s not concerned about our plans when she decides to show up. You may be simply sitting by a campfire, lounging in a canoe, or climbing a mountain when an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, blizzard, or flash flood comes out of absolutely nowhere. 

While these are all real dangers, they should not stop you from going out on your adventures and living your dreams. Although entirely unpredictable, you can be prepared. 


A simple travel kit containing emergency supplies of water, food, first and emergency lights – for a source of electricity – will add a sense of calm and security to your outdoor proceedings. Knowing that should worse come to worse, you and your family are looked after begins with taking care of the basics, and at we’ve got your back to keep you started on all your emergency lighting needs. All that’s left for you to do is pick your personal favorite, grab the family, and start exploring! Be safe out there. 

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