Best Keychain Flashlight Review and Buy Guide

Best Keychain Flashlight Review and Buy Guide

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In this article we’ll be discussing:

● What is an EDC flashlight?

● The different types of EDC flashlights

● How to correctly choose a top-performing EDC flashlight

● The top Hokolite EDC keychain flashlights review


The term EDC stands for "Everyday Carry" flashlights, and in this context relates to a keychain flashlight that one can transport around with their ease. When going camping, many seek an efficient, readily available, and compact source of to assist them with their tasks. Fumbling around in the dark for hours on end to find relevant crockery or an item of clothing is something even the most novice campers needn’t put up with. And with edc light, you won’t have to.

As the name suggests, an EDC or keychain flashlight is small enough that you can easily place it in your pocket or purse, ensuring that you have a source of light on you at all times without having to lug a heavy-duty torch around. Some EDC flashlights are even designed to attach to the brim of a baseball cap as a cap light or side of a collar so that your hands are completely freed up to do other tasks under inadequate light.

Rechargeable Mini LED Falshlight


Before we can determine which EDC flashlight is the correct one for our needs and preference, we need to have a look at all the options available to us. From rechargeable keychain flashlights that can fit in your smallest pocket, to expertly designed long-lasting headlamps and pen-sized offerings, there’s a compact EDC flashlight suited to you.


A keychain LED flashlight is an ultra-compact miniature flashlight, which, as its name suggests, is host to a key clip that can be attached to the key chain provided or one of your choices for easy transport and compact storage.

Keychain flashlights are usually powered by buttons connected to pre-installed batteries for ease of use, however, some models come with small cylindrical batteries and/or built-in rechargeable batteries.

Due to their very small size and weight (most of them weigh just half an ounce), keychain flashlights are a popular choice for those who require a source of light that can be carried around anywhere with ease and used at any time. They’re even the perfect size for your child to have one too!

 Ultra tiny and lightweight keychain flashlight flashlight with carabiner


Miniature pen-shaped LED flashlights are not rechargeable and are usually powered by a single AAA or AA battery that will need to be replaced once the total power has run out. Because of their limited power supply, they in turn often have limited brightness (usually between 50-250 lumens), limited light mode (usually only two light modes), and limited illumination Range (within 100m).

Although their light strength and duration time may be slightly less than their keychain and standard-size counterparts, they do have a sought-after advantage that is appealing to most flashlight purchasers. Their miniature size, compact flashlight battery, and intermediate capabilities mean that the miniature pen-shaped flashlight is very reasonably priced, and fits in any pockets, purses, bags, and backpacks with ease.

Another drawcard is the fact that their batteries (common AA and AAA strength) are easily attainable at any store or grocer, ensuring that you’ll always have easy access to extra sources of power should your batteries die on the go. Because of this, these flashlights are considered one of the most popular and reliable types of EDC flashlights.


Unlike its miniature version that requires just one battery at a time, the standard-sized pen-shaped LED flashlight is usually powered by a pair of AAA batteries, ensuring a longer running duration than a smaller EDC flashlight powered by a single AAA battery.

However, because these flashlights require extra space in their build to cater they are also somewhat long and cannot easily fit into most pockets. However, they can be carried along with other pens and stored in backpacks, purses, and similar items.


Headlamp flashlights are considered an unusual type of EDC flashlights, given that they are not used nor built like other EDC flashlights. Attached via an elasticated band that is placed over your forehead, headlamp flashlights mimic a square or round floodlit bulb that shines anywhere you turn your gaze, enabling completely free hands while completing tasks.

In addition, many headlamp flashlights of the same type have both white light and red light, and unique effects such as flashing and strobing, which greatly increase their versatility and can come in handy when out in the wilderness. For example, the red light improves night vision and shields the eyes of those around you in comparison to the harsher and brighter white light. The strobing effect can be used when hiking or cycling in the dark, to alert vehicles or passer-Byers of your presence and ensure safety.


The word tactical means “carefully planned and thought out”, the derivation of which is utterly appropriate to the tactical flashlight. Designed with the utmost consideration in mind, the tactical flashlight offers all the perks of a standard EDC flashlight, but with a much smaller and more compact structure.

Most tactical EDC flashlights are powered by a single 18650 battery, two CR123A batteries, or three AAA batteries, and the majority of models will support an array of battery types – lending the range to being one of the top choices for an on-the-go, hassle-free, and easily generated EDC flashlight.

Tactical EDC flashlights commonly weigh up to half a pound, while larger tactical flashlights (equipped with at least two 18650 batteries) usually weigh more than one pound to account for an optimized power source. To make the tactical flashlight more durable given its small size, some brands will use 21700 or 26650 rechargeable lithium batteries to ensure adequate energy without compromising on the compact design.

While these are perhaps the most common and recommended types of EDC flashlights, there is a selection of more flashlights that can be carried as an EDC. This, however, depends on the user and their personal preferences.

How to Choose the Best Keychain Flashlight


The most suitable flashlight for daily transport and ease of use weighs about 2 ounces, with the longest side dimension never exceeding 6 feet. Make sure that you choose EDC flashlights according to this size standard, and you’re guaranteed a convenient choice for optimal performance and easy carrying.


The EDC flashlight is suitable for daily use in most environments, given that its brightness of 800 lumens is more than enough to meet all of your lighting needs. Most EDC flashlights also offer a variety of lighting modes, designed to increase the practicality of use.

For example, a bright strobe function will ensure you make others aware of your presence, fending off potential danger (it can also make the other party temporarily blind should you wish to ward off threats). However, if you simply need to look at a map outdoors or search for an item of clothing within your tent, then the soft low brightness feature will do the trick.


Standard battery-powered EDC flashlights (that need to be replaced rather than recharged) are a great option to use as a spare flashlight, given that the usage time is far less than rechargeable options. Because of the unsustainability of the battery, using it only as a spare flashlight will mean you can replace the battery less frequently. Non-rechargeable batteries have a long storage time, and can reliably power the flashlight years later if left unused (provided that the correct chemical composition needs to be selected).

If you are a regular EDC flashlight user, then your best option is to go for an EEC flashlight with a rechargeable battery. Frequent use of this kind of flashlight has its advantages in both sustainability and environmental protection, however, it will need to be changed regularly to keep it operating at its full potential. They are also able to store a lot of energy and can support hundreds of charge/discharge cycles within the usage period – meaning you’ll save a ton of money instead of constantly buying new batteries.


Compared to the ordinary metal shell of traditional flashlights, you need to ensure you’re choosing compact EDC flashlights made from durable aviation-grade aluminum. This material has the highest requirements for strength, hardness, toughness, fatigue resistance, and plasticity to ensure the durability of EDC flashlights.

Encompassed in the above offerings provided by durable aviation-grade aluminum is its resistance to harsh impact (should it fall over an edge while hiking or gets dropped during an action activity) and water-resistant qualities for ventures such as nighttime boating and the like.


With the ever-evolving development, vast functionality, and unique design drawcards of the EDC flashlight, the product has fast become a top multifunctional lighting tool centered around ease of transport and practicality. To summarize the slew of features, we have outlined them in bullet points below:

● A strong magnet exterior that can be adsorbed to a smooth, non-rusting metal surface (making it a useful vehicle emergency light and/or another kind of work light), as magnetic flashlights

● The metal clip can be secured onto a vest or belt, with some offering the ability to be worn on the brim of a hat, as cap light

● The spring-loaded carabiner can be fixed onto belt loops, backpacks, and key rings for added ease of transport as a pocket flashlight

● The threaded tripod mount can be fixed onto a standard photo tripod for podcasting, professional photography, and video production lighting

● Locking bracket/hanging hook to help aim the light in the required direction

● An attached corkscrew for added convenience when camping or spending the day outdoors


keychain flashlight excel

We took the above top features and functionality of a high-performing EDC flashlight and found that two Hokolite offerings adequately meet all requirements. Whether you are simply carrying your EDC flashlight to work on daily or wish to keep it at home as a spare, there is a Hokolite flashlight model suited to your needs.


For anyone who needs the strongest key chain flshlight, you can check out this key lamp. It is very suitable for EDC, thanks to the solid anodized aluminum body, and provides three lighting modes to help you cope with different situations. The detachable pocket clipallows the flashlight to be connected to the edge or brim of the hat for hands-free use. As a cap lamp, it essentially adds an emergency headlamp to your daily carrying tool library for about $39. All of these are a good choice for anyone who wants to gain additional benefits from their equipment.

For the compact but powerful Keychain flashlight, the length of this flashlight is only 2 inches, but the beam distance is about 76 meters (249 feet). It can run at the maximum output for about 20 minutes, providing you with 800 lumens of brightness. You can fully charge it through the attached Mini USB. In addition, the power button will light green or red to indicate its position during charging. This is a multi-functional integrated key chain lamp. It has a magnet that can be attached to any place and can be placed on any key chain. There is a threaded tripod at the bottom, which can be fixed on the standard tripod to be used as a fill light. It can also be used as a beer lid opener. You only need to spend the same money, but it can be used for a variety of purposes. The price-performance is super high!


This EDC light may be small, but it is powerful. It packs 1000 lumens of light into a high-quality package suitable for your key chain. Its aluminum body is also ipx8 waterproof, so if you are trapped in the rain without an umbrella, you don't have to worry about any damage to your light. It only has two light modes, but it is very bright. If you use the lowest light mode in time, you can use it for a long time. You can configure it on your car key, because it can also be used as a work light, which is adsorbed on the hood to help you repair the car in the dark.

backpack keychain flashlight

rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides the perfect combination of small size and power availability. A new cost-effective rechargeable keychain flashlight can emit an impressive 300 lumens. There are two different light sources on the head of the flashlight, one is red and bright white, which is very useful for illuminating the work area. Its simple twist operation can be easily controlled in the dark without looking around for a small activation switch or a click mode to get what you need. And its shell is very textured, which can be given to your friends as an exquisite gift.

When choosing the ideal EDC flashlight for you, it’s important to select a model based on your own personal preferences and requirements. Each design has its own unique offerings and characteristics, which vary in appeal according to your individual needs. Regardless of your choice, owning a compact product from any keychain flashlight range will ensure that you have easy access to a light and power source at any time, keeping you safe and hassle-free during all your evening and outdoor activities.

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