The 5 Best Rechargeable Camping Lights

The 5 Best Rechargeable Camping Lights

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Camping is widely considered the best way to take a relaxing break, remove yourself from the busyness of daily life, and live simply while getting in touch with nature. Surrounded by nothing but the sounds of soothing birdlife, rustling wind through the trees and trickling water from a nearby stream, or even the faint sounds of wildlife sharing their calls beyond, it’s no wonder that nature-lovers find spending a couple of days outdoors in a tent with the camping lights is the ultimate soul-enriching escape.


However blissful and peaceful the experience may be, that’s not to say that camping doesn’t come with its own slew of, mostly unforeseen, challenges. Luckily, these are easily avoided when you and your camping crew come equipped with the right tools – starting with, most importantly, great camping lights.


There are a lot of things that you should keep in mind before planning your first camping trip in 2022, and one task that should definitely not be overlooked is the process of choosing suitable and top-performing LED camping lights before stepping out on your long-awaited expedition. So, where do I begin, you may ask?


Well, we’re here to help! In this article we will evaluate each of our top recommended camping lights in terms of their brightness, portability, functionality, durability, and overall value, ensuring you have all the details you need to make an informed decision on the right choice for you. And even though each camping light is different in its own right, and suited to individual campers’ needs, having access to a comprehensive list of high-rated options will most certainly make the task of selecting the perfect one for you, that much easier.


Without further adieu, let’s shed some light on our favorite camping lights.

camping lights for camping

The 5 Best Rechargeable Camping Lights of 2022

The Best Overall Camping Light

3000 Lumens 360° Camping Light

The Best Overall Camping Light

Product specifications:

Weight: 1.39 lbs

Maximum Lumens: 3000

Battery: Rechargeable (USB)

Why we recommend it: Compact and bright, 5 light modes

Let’s kick off with one of the best out there – the 3000 Lumens 360-degree Rechargeable Camping Light.  If you need a camping light that encompasses all your needs and specification requirements and will impress you and your camping crew beyond measure, then this LED camping light is most definitely your best bet. With an incredibly bright lighting range of up to 3000 lumens, this lantern illuminates your surroundings at a full 360-degree angle.


And we don’t rate it as the Best Overall LED Camping Light for no reason. It’s also equipped with five different lighting modes, allowing the user to switch between those most suited to their specific tasks, beyond that just camping trips. This includes unique illumination during power outages, weather hazards, and other unforeseen disasters. These rechargeable camping lights are also designed to glow red in the case of emergencies.


Efficient LEDs and a long-lasting rechargeable battery create the perfect combination for this sought-after led camping light, which is also equipped with a 4400 mAh battery port that is effectively designed to charge any of your portable devices at lightning speed – something that will most certainly come in handy when far away from civilization.


The sturdy design and silicone material of this camping light provide excellent stability for extended use. You can also hang the lantern on a hook or carry it with you, while its waterproof and drop-resistant qualities make it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

 camping lantern with portable charger camping lantern with hidden hook when you reading

The Best Budget Camping Light

1800 Lumen LED Rechargeable Camping Light

The Best Budget Camping Light

Product specifications:

Weight: 1.9 lbs

Maximum Lumens: 1800

Battery: Rechargeable (USB)

Why we recommend it: High brightness, fully dimmable control

This rechargeable camping light is extremely powerful, and hosts strong LEDs that produce up to 1800 lumens of intense light, providing clear visibility in the dark – more than enough to keep the likes of wildlife away from you or your campsite.


These rechargeable camping lights can operate in five different lighting modes. They have a short press button that allows you to switch freely between the four light modes at complete ease, and with up to 72 hours of use, you won’t have to worry about your light source running out or disappearing if you're exploring the outdoors for an extended period.


This rechargeable LED camping light is equipped with a swivel hook handle, allowing it to be easily hung from tree branches and tent poles for both added and static visibility. The output function also allows this camping light to be used as a power bank to charge campers' mobile phones or other electronic devices. What’s more, this camping light has an IPX44 water resistance rating, suitable to operate in all weather conditions – making it perfect for any outdoor adventure.


As if all the above features weren’t reasoned enough to opt for this camping light, it is costed at a very reasonable $33, which is undoubtedly the best value for money for users on a budget of around $35 for this level of high brightness and stellar functionality. 


The Best All-in-One Lantern Flashlight

1500 Lumen LED Rechargeable Camping Light

The Best All-in-One Camping Lantern

Product specifications:

Weight: 1.58 lbs

Maximum Lumens: 1500

Battery: Rechargeable (USB)

Why we recommend it: Multiple functions within one light, 8 light modes

This camp lantern flashlight is a definite crowd pleaser! Offering everything a camper could possibly want or expect for a camping light, the 1500 Lumen LED Rechargeable Camping Lantern Flashlight is sure to impress even the most avid lighting experts. In addition to acting as a consistent light source when conducting daily tasks around your campsite, it can also be used as a spotlight and a camping light at the same time, so that you can illuminate your space and use a more direct beam at will.


This top-performing camping light is equipped with white light mode (70-130 lumens) on the left-hand side and red light mode on the rear, both of which can be combined with six other different light modes. The rechargeable camping light uses a directional flashlight on top as a spotlight (400-1500 lumens), which combines two different lighting modes that will illuminate up to 1750 feet!

8 lighting modes for every situation

Although there are 8 various light modes in total, you needn’t stress or feel overwhelmed about its operation being too complicated. The rechargeable camp lantern is designed with two different switches, allowing for the different lighting modes to be operated independently for ease of use and extra convenience.


Compared with the high brightness of 1500 lumens when used as a spotlight, the 130 lumens used when operating as a standard camping light will naturally seem to be inferior. However, given its various functionalities when paired with the included adjustable tripod, the possibilities for lighting applications are endless. Campers can fix spotlights in the distance, bright enough to illuminate the entire campsite, the interior of the tent, and the surroundings. The 180° rotatable handle also allows it to be used as a handheld searchlight.


This lantern flashlight is completely rechargeable and doubles as a 4800mAh power bank where one can connect your smartphone to charge for emergencies. It is also completely waterproof and shock-resistant, two factors that are extremely beneficial when using it as a searchlight or emergency light when walking in various terrain and weather conditions at night. 

USB rechargeable camp lantern can charge your smartphone 180° rotatable camping lights with adjustable stand

The Best Handheld Spotlight Solar Camping Lantern Flashlight

2500 Lumens Handheld Spotlight Solar Camping Lantern Flashlight

The solar camping lantern is a combination of the buttom 2500 lumen spotlight, the side 1500 lumens white and RGB lantern, features 8 light modes, and can light up a whole tent. The rechargeable camping light's built-in 7200mAh rechargeable battery provides up to 40 hours of use time and the solar charging design can charge other USB-powered devices in an emergency. Water and impact-resistant rating keep your path lit even in the rain.

Product specifications:

Weight: 0.89 pounds

Maximum Lumens: 2500

Battery: Rechargeable (USB)

Why we recommend it: Ultra-brightness, portability, adjustable brightness, 2-in-1 Power Lantern


Experience the Power of Light with the 3000 Lumens Rechargeable Lantern. Illuminate your surroundings with 360 degrees of soft white light, making it an ideal choice for a range of scenarios, from blackouts to camping adventures. This lantern is designed to be your go-to lighting solution, providing a brilliant and expansive glow that can easily light up an entire room.


Versatility meets convenience with the collapsible hanging hook feature. Hang the lantern from above to create an area of light, offering hands-free lighting for various activities. Whether you're setting up camp, navigating through a power outage, or simply needing extra light for repairs, this lantern adapts to your needs with ease.


Built to withstand the challenges of outdoor use, the lantern is constructed from high-impact plastic. The top and base are coated in rubber, adding an extra layer of durability. This rugged design ensures that the lantern remains reliable in the face of harsh conditions, making it a trustworthy companion for your outdoor adventures.


Beyond its lighting prowess, this lantern doubles as a 4,400mAh battery bank, providing a convenient solution to keep all your devices charged. Stay connected and powered up during emergencies, camping trips, or any situation where access to electricity is limited. The lantern's dual functionality enhances its practicality, making it an essential tool for modern living.

The Best Lantern for Rest

150 Lumen LED Rechargeable Camping Light (Night Light)

The Best Lantern for Rest

Product specifications:

Weight: 0.41 lbs

Maximum Lumens: 150

Battery: Rechargeable (USB)

Why we recommend it: Small size, multiple color temperature and lighting options, eye-friendly


Oftentimes the beauty of camping and being outdoors is simply kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying the company of the surrounding nature. While high lumen camping lights are extremely important for any outdoor excursion, sometimes having a softer, more soothing option is just as beneficial for nighttime at a campsite.


Although just 150 lumens, this compact camping light is bright enough to illuminate your surroundings for fuss-free cooking or pottering around the campsite, while the lowest lumen levels offer the perfect soft, warm ambiance for reading a book, playing a board game, or simply lounging in your tent.


And should you decide to bring along any pets, children, or senior citizens on your family trip, then you can also use this rechargeable camping light as a night light as it keeps the bulb cool to the touch while emitting plenty of adequate light.


Weighing only 0.41 pounds, this model is one-third the weight of other rechargeable camping lights, making it one of the most lightweight options available to campers. Its compact size even means that your little ones won’t feel burdened when carrying it!


This compact camping light provides a color temperature of 2700k-6500k lumens, while the three different lighting modes provide beautiful, even illumination. The warm mode is typically used as the reading mode because it provides a soft, relaxing glow for winding down at night. This model also comes equipped with a hook design, allowing the light to be hung on any surface when conducting tasks or wanting to illuminate the interior of your tent.


It’s even completely shatterproof and contains no small hazardous parts that could be accidentally swallowed by children or pets, making it a wonderful, convenient option for those seeking a standard, family-friendly lighting option.  

night camping lights 


Here at Hokolite, we understand that unless you’re a camping connoisseur or a lighting virtuoso, it can be rather daunting and confusing to understand exactly where to start when choosing a rechargeable camping light based on your specific desires and requirements.


While someone slackpacking or traversing on the daily may require something more lightweight with powerful lumens, someone who simply wishes to relax at the campsite with their friends or family and cook marshmallows may be seeking something more warm and ambient.


And of course, while the number of lumens and overall light strength plays a huge part in the decision-making process, we can now see that there are numerous other factors and functionalities to consider before selecting the perfect rechargeable camping light for your next adventure.


From design, materials, lighting models, attachment hooks, weight, and durability, to the simple aesthetics of the model, selecting the right rechargeable camping light is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Given the above information and selling factors on our top five recommended LED rechargeable camping lights, we believe that you’re now perfectly positioned to make an informed decision on which rechargeable option is the best for you.

Happy camping! 

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