May 23, 2022 2 min read

Whether you’re working in a confined space or beneath the vehicle, a magnetic LED work light can come to your best aid. It offers maximum illumination in any dark environment, designed for high efficiency and ease of use. A magnetic base is an additional bonus, coupled with LED technology for energy efficiency.

When picking a rechargeable LED for work environments, go for magnetic LED work lights for more flexibility in placing and adjusting a light source on your vehicle. But whether these lights would be advantageous for your certain situation? Hokolite will be glad to help you find the best lighting.

Benefits of Magnetic LED Work Lights

A rechargeable LED work light with a magnetic base has remarkable advantages over LED work lights without a magnet. Above all, you will get the freedom of placement.

A traditional LED work light is mounted to the body of a vehicle using screws and a tripod, wherein fixed mounting is difficult to move. A LED work light with a magnet has a liberty of movement, plus the independence of voltage. 

In many scenarios, the level of voltage must be considered when picking LED work light. A LED work light that supports 12v cannot be connected to 24v. With LED work light with a magnetic base and battery, you don’t need to worry about this.

Choosing the best LED Work Lights

Deciding the appropriate LED work lights can be an overwhelming process, with so many options available. Whether you want a magnetic rechargeable LED work light or one with a stand, look at the design features for a wise decision.

The four major elements to watch out for when selecting LED work light include:

  • Type of LED used
  • Type of battery – single-use or rechargeable
  • Robustness of design and IP rating
  • Design features

Rechargeable vs Disposable Battery

For many years, disposable batteries were in the lead when it comes to LED work lights. The convenience of swapping batteries made them a popular choice but now the scenario has changed drastically with lithium batteries. The question arises is, which one is better? Well, that totally depends on how often you use it. 

Lithium batteries are likely to charge quicker than nickel batteries and don’t hamper the longevity of the rechargeable battery. If the work light has some serious usage, then a rechargeable battery can be the best power source.

A magnetic work light is an excellent choice for a construction site or if you’re looking for the best running headlamps. Its compact size makes it suitable for tight spaces and allows it to carry out wherever you go. The powerful magnet allows you to lighten up your surroundings for any job, which ensures superior performance and safety.

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