June 11, 2022 3 min read

You can’t just rely on an old flashlight, for hunting at night, having a powerful spotlight is important. A bright flashlight with high lumens offers good illumination for seeing through dense terrain at night and a narrow handheld spotlight allows you to pinpoint your prey even in the dark. Be sure to go for a hands-free flashlight attached to your weapon or head for more practical usage.

If you’re a serious hunter and want all your equipment to be the best, from your choice of weapon to lighting solution, then investing in an LED spotlight flashlight could be a smart bet. You may require different forms of light sources and features for effective hunting.

Read on to find out what makes a rechargeable spotlight flashlight essential for your night hunting adventure.

How powerful should your spotlight flashlight be?
All lighting solutions operate on a scale of lumens, which shows how ultra bright a light is, on a degree of 100 to 5000. For night hunting, the terrain you are using will make all the difference in the number of lumens that will work well.

If you are hunting wild boars or deer in a dense forest, you will need a light that can provide a high level of illumination. However, if you’re planning to hunt rabbits or coyotes in open spaces, you may get a lower level of light depending on how far off you will pinpoint your vision.

The benefit of light with fewer lumens is that it is less energy-intensive and will last longer with battery power. For this reason, we recommend more than 1000 lumens to be effective for a hunting game.

What is the best light color for hunting?
If you’re actively involved in a hunting community, you might know red or green light is always a better choice to pinpoint deer or other animals. A white light will certainly spook deer, causing them to run, so use mild and natural shades to keep deer calmer.

Let’s take an example of deer, they have very little natural ability to capture the red color. That means pointing a red light at them will be less likely to result in any response. It also works great to outline the deer in your vision and provide good visibility for a clear shot. For these reasons, most hunters choose red light over the green.

What kind of spotlight flashlight is ideal for coyote hunting?
Coyotes are small, agile, and have good night vision, so what type of light works best to hunt them? They can be spooked with a high brightness light, but you would need a brighter light to capture them effectively.

The best light, in that case, could be flashlights and headlamps that offer more diffused and broader light to less likely to spook coyotes. You may choose a red light for coyotes as it is less harsh and will be less likely to notice.

Hunting games at night can be challenging as well as rewarding. Using the right kind of flashlight can make your adventure a lot easier, allowing you to navigate the terrain and pinpoint animals without scaring them off when you get close. A hands-free illumination works best for a hunter, as you can attach it to your weapon or head for a seamless experience.

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