Introducing The New 2021 Hokolite 230° Wide-Beam Headlamp

November 22, 2021 3 min read

It’s winter, and it’s dark outside. The snow has been falling for days, obscuring everything in your vision. You know that the cabin is just up ahead, but you can’t seem to see anything because of the darkness.


Suddenly, you hear a noise and find yourself running scared - if only you had a headlamp that could keep up with the weather!


With Hokolite, you will never have to fear the dark again! Our wide-beam headlamp offers 230° illumination all around so you can see where you are going even when there's no light pollution or when it's cloudy out.


Hokolite has been providing the latest in headlamp design for value customers since 2021. We have three new and hot selling models that are sure to impress, with their 230° wide-beam technology. Take a look below at some of our latest designs:

 230°Wide-Beam Headlamp FlashlightHeadlamp Flashlight with Motion Sensor Magic220°Wide-Beam Headlamp Flashlight

With Hokolite 230° Technology, The Future Is Here

The Hokolite 230° is a LED headlamp that invokes the “future-is-here” feeling when in use! Our new product uses state-of-the-art Chip-On-Board (COB) technology to deliver an unparalleled experience.

We also include our cutting-edge wide beam design, which makes you feel as if there are no limits to your field of vision, with improved Lumen Density for even better lighting performance under any circumstance.

COB LED lights are the most efficient and brightest lighting option. The COBs have a smaller surface area but more LEDs than other SMDs (Surface-mount Devices) options.

This means that you can get your work done faster with less standard energy cost because there is no need for as many lights to cover up different areas or provide enough light in darker corners; one COB will do it all!

COB LEDs have a simple design that contains minimal components. Inside the COB, the thermal sink points towards the circuit board, allowing the COB LEDs to emit less heat than other LED lighting methods. Less heat means higher brightness and longer working time at the same battery conditions.

230° Light Vision On Board

While normal LED headlamps may only shine a light a short distance ahead of you, the innovative COB technological benefits allow you to see 230° around you.

This means that any time you go out running, jogging, dog walking, or even camping and hiking, the ability to see 230° around you instills a feeling of safety and confidence that you know what lies ahead.


Innovative Foldable & Storable COB Tech

With Hokolite’s latest soft COB technology, our wide-beam headlamp is lightweight and foldable. It is also easy to carry into the pocket or backpacks because of its small size.

Standard headlamps and lights are heavy and bulky, making it difficult to carry one on long walks or hikes at night. With the improved, foldable COB wide-beam headlamp, you don’t have to give up mobility to find a good source of light.  

Your Future Dreams Made Reality

If you're looking for a headlamp that is both bright and futuristic, the Hokolite 230° might be your best bet. This wide-beam lamp has given me feelings of excitement as I imagine myself trekking through dark forests or caverns with its help.

This incredible light also reminds me of my favorite childhood object: Star Wars lasers swords! When redesigning this toy into something useful, it was clear that the future is now at hand - so get yours today before they sell out again!

Pick Up Your New 2021 Hokolite 230° Wide-Beam Headlamp Today

The new 2021 Hokolite 230° Wide-Beam Headlamp is the most exciting thing to happen to outdoor camping since indoor plumbing. For a small price, you can have your campsite illuminated with enough light that will be sure to keep all of those scary creatures away from camp.

The newly released cooler headlight provides comprehensive beam lighting for users who want clear visuals of their immediate environment while fostering a sense of safety and security during nighttime activities like camping trips or night fishing excursions.

Bring the future home today with your own Hokolite 230° Wide-Beam Headlamp! Visit Hokolite online to learn more, and buy one while they last!

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