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When it comes to buying lighting for outdoor activities, you want to invest in a product that will last and stand up to the elements. Before you invest in a lighting solution that will fail after a few uses, check out the Hokolite personal lighting products!


Hokolites is a great way to add unique lighting style to your outdoor and indoor aesthetics. Hokolite offers a full line of products that are designed and manufactured with the highest-quality materials:


  • Headlamp
  • Running Lights
  • Work lights
  • Camping Lanterns
  • Motion-Sensor Closet Lights
  • Garden Solar Accent Lights


You have never seen lights like these before! Hokolite designs a wide range of lights that are sure to make your outdoor and indoor spaces more unique and accessible.


There are endless uses to Hokolite lights, and they won’t wear out or die even with the most rigorous of activities. If you are in search of a long-lasting and durable light for indoor or outdoor use, visit Hokolite today!


The Last Lights You’ll Ever Need To Buy

Hokolite running light always provides sufficient illumination if it is in use when running at night.


When you go out camping, Hokolite Camping Lantern adds radiance to your tent and its vicinity. Most rechargeable camping lantern also includes power bank function to enable campers to recharge their smartphone(s) for emergency purpose.


The small size of Hokolite portable Work Light makes it easy for users to carry and use for emergency car repair.


The Hokolite home use Motion-Sensor Closet light is perfect for anyone who goes through their home at night. It automatically turns on when the lights are out and helps people feel safer by providing just enough light to see where they're going as they go from room to room.


The product also works well for children or elderly family members because it doesn't need any effort in order to make sure there's no danger lurking nearby.


Hokolite Solar Pathway Garden Lights and Disk Lights will bring your garden to life in a flash. With no cords or batteries needed, these solar-powered lighting options are perfect for anyone who wants their yard to look stunning without any hassle.


Top-Tier Quality Control From Hokolite


With 15 years of personal lighting industry experience, our Chinese team is familiar with the test and quality control methods. Take a look at just some of the ways that we ensure our Hokolite lights beat the competition.

Every Hokolite Light Passes The 360-Degree IP Waterproof Test

When you use your lights outside, water is bound to be involved. Never worry about water damage with Hokolite lights!


Our team uses an advanced IP 360-degree water spray machine to simulate a variety of levels of rainy weather to ensure lights reflect in any special weather when you are outdoors.

Hokolite Products Pass The IP Grade

All Hokolite work lights, headlamps, running lights, solar lights, and camping lanterns must pass a rigorous IPX4-IPX5 test to ensure that they are ready for extended use outdoors and can stand up to any weather.


IPX4: This test involves splashing water against the enclosure from every direction shall to prove that the device is still operational and not damaged.


IPX5: This test uses water jets to shoot water from a nozzle (6.3 mm) against the enclosure to ensure that there are no damaging effects.


What is Solar (UV) & Weather Testing?

Solar UV testing is a crucial step in the process of making sure your product will withstand sunlight. Hokolite Solar Garden Lights pass this test with flying colors, ensuring you can use them outside without fear that they'll be destroyed by intense sunshine or bad weather like rain and snow.

Hokolite solar garden lights are guaranteed to last for at least 2 years outside. We back our guarantees with UV aging tests which test its resistance to sunlight exposure and degradation by UV rays during sunny days.

Hokolite’s Pass A Strick Salt Spray Test


Every Hokolite product also passes a salt spray test to ensure the highest quality. A salt spray test is a corrosion testing method that uses a high-saline environment to measure the corrosion resistance of products, paints, and coatings over extended periods.


In order to ensure that our outdoor lights have a stable quality and durable build, Hokolite always apple a salt spray test to each of our products.

We Test Every Rechargeable Battery For Performance


Rechargeable lights significantly increase the rate of aging, such as storing at full charge for long periods, applying high charge currents, charging at low temperatures (<10°C), storing or using cells at high temperatures (>40°C), and cycling cells in the extremes of their operating voltage range.

One way that Hokolite Company ensures safe and reliable shipments is through installing our in-built batteries which we fully charge before any shipment takes place so you can use your light safely anytime during a shift.


Invest In The Best With Hokolite

Buying an exterior light is one of the best additions any homeowner can make to their property because many have found that they increase both comfort levels as well as outside safety.


If you're looking for a way to make your home feel more welcoming and safe, consider investing in Hokolite lighting. With its beautiful, soft glow and the outdoor safety it provides in dim conditions or dark weather - not only will it illuminate your environment but add security too!


Want to learn more? Check out the full line of Hokolite lighting options online and contact our team today to discover how to bring Hokolite home today!

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