What is COB Headlamp? The Ultimate Guide

What is COB Headlamp? The Ultimate Guide

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A light source that is attached to the forehead and worked for any outdoor activities in dark is called a headlamp. Eventually, it’s the most versatile option to brighten up any dark conditions like caving, camping, hiking, running, backpacking, biking, and so on at night. Headlamps are the only hands-free lighting option that is crucial for any situation.

The effects of headlamps are similar to flashlights. Some latest headlamps feature energy-saving technologies like LED cold light technology for your convenience. High-end headlamps are also equipped with the newly invented lamp cup materials, which are unmatched by flashlights. The combined new sports and outdoor lights are also available at an affordable price.

Are you looking for the most cost-effective headlamps with such quality? Check out our Hokolite 2021 that is an updated version of the 1200 lumens 210-degree lighting COB headlamp. Let’s find all your answers in detail below.


Why need COB headlamps?

The utmost difference between headlamps and flashlights is the way of holding them. You can’t free both of your hands while walking at night with a flashlight. It makes sense if you can release both of your hands while holding a light source. Headlamps are the only hands-free choice so you can deal with any unexpected situations in time.

A good quality headlamp also offers to be an energy-saving option to have with you for hiking, biking, or camping at night. It makes our hands-free by wearing the headlight on the forehead, which helps us to do more things when camping outdoor in dark.

Why do you need to buy headlamps instead of flashlights?


Do you even think of rock climbing with holding a flashlight in your hand? Any kind of outdoor sports or activities at night like that one requires you to free both of your hands. Only headlamps are the light source that you can wear on the head to release both of your hands to lighten up the darkness efficiently.

A camp lamp also is a hands-free device to lighten up the surrounded camp area. But you need your hands for moving the lamp here and there instantly. Well, headlights can seal the deal for you. They move along with your head to illuminate the zone where you are looking at. It’s another great advantage of having a headlamp with you instead of flashlights.

Beam distance:

Most headlamps like our upgraded Hokolite 2021 COB headlamp features a spotlight mode, which has the ability to illuminate an impressive long-distance beam of light. This mode is essential for finding things in the dark, or for making the path back to your car or camp.

Light to weight:

It has to be lightweight as you wear the torch on your forehead. The headlamps come in a little weight and comfortable strap to hold them for a longer time without ache. Besides, the small size fits perfectly into your backpack for easy transportation.


Light sources have to be durable enough to withstand any hard situations while running, biking, or hiking at night. They should have the power to survive any sudden fall. Most high-end headlamps are durable and water-repellent which is crucial to be used in heavy rainstorms or showers.

A few headlamps also feature a tough waterproof rating (IPX-7) and can be used at a depth of one meter. It strengthens the attraction of the headlamps traveling companions who will go out unpredictably.

How bright is the COB headlamp?

Most travelers find 100 to 150 lumens that are adequate for their most outdoor activities at night. The range of brightness may be higher for activities like scrambling and pathfinding at night. You need to consider a headlamp with at least 300 lumens on that occasion.

The travelers need to look far ahead to avoid getting lost while route-finding. It helps not to go wrong while making the path back to your camp or car.

Headlamps can divide into two basic types according to your needs: condensing and astigmatism type. The luminous intensity value of the condensing type is so high. As its light is self-assembling so the radiation range is small.

On the other hand, the luminous intensity value is lower for the astigmatism type headlamps. It results in a large luminous angle for a large illumination range.

Our Hokolite 2021 rechargeable headlamp is an astigmatism-type COB headlamp that is integrated with the most advanced chip-on-board technology for the best lighting performance in the dark. It has an advanced wide-beam 230-degree design, so you can feel unrestricted while route-finding in the dark.

The brightness is enough to meet your needs like walking, pathfinding, running, hiking, and biking at night.

Do the headlamps durable enough for outdoor activities?

The toughness of the outdoor surface and rainstorm are the two major factors for what you need durable headlamps to withstand. You need an impact-resistant device to survive any sudden fall.

Most of the time, you will inevitably encounter bad weather such as rainstorms and heavy snowfall. That’s the reason you need a durable and waterproof headlamp that can avoid short-circuit or poor contact during a rainstorm.

A headlamp should last for at least ten years as it’s not a disposable product. So, put extra attention to its durability while purchasing. Let’s find the three major aspects:

Drop-resistant and Waterproof:

It’s difficult to avoid accidental dropping the headlamp during use and transportation. So, you need to consider the minimum thickness of the material while purchasing. If the material is thin, the device may crack or deformed after being dropped a few times or so.

To withstand bad weather conditions like heavy rain or snowfall your headlamp should be waterproof as well.

All the head straps of Hokolite’s LED headlamps are made of ABS and silicone. The materials provide the ultimate softness and comfort while wearing on the head. Our 1200 lumens 210 degrees wide beam rechargeable headlamp is waterproof as well. So they are safe for both outdoor and indoor activities like car maintenance, DIY projects, or any emergency.

The following two aspects depend on your maintenance:

Temperature resistance:

The temperature could be a big issue while hiking, running, or camping in an extremely low temperature for your headlamps. It may stop working in such weather conditions around -10°C. This problem occurs for the battery. It’s better to keep the batteries warm and separated from the device to extend the battery life most.

Try to keep spare batteries as well. At extremely low temperatures, the rechargeable headlamps may not work properly.

You may consider our 1300 Lumens COB & LED Headlamp for such a condition. It will be the best low-temperature-resistant headlamp for you that also features IPX-4 waterproof rating.

Corrosion resistance:

If you left or store the headlamp in a humid area for a longer time, it will grow mold easily.

If you don’t remove the battery after use and left the headlamp for a long time, the battery will leak and corrode the circuit board soon.

You need to remove batteries in time and dry the wetted components accordingly after use for the highest durability. Thus, you can keep your headlamps corrosion-resistant for a longer time.

How much do headlights weigh?

Most headlamps weigh less than seven ozs with batteries and come in similar sizes. You will not find too many differences in size and weight except very high-powered headlamps.

The weight of a headlamp depends on its shell and batteries. Nowadays, shells are made of plastics and a small amount of aluminum alloy to reduce the weight as much as possible. The batteries make the difference mainly. The more the batteries, the more the weight.

Our Hokolite LED and COB headlamp weigh only 3.5 ounces including a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The handband is made of lightweight materials (ABS and silicone). It brings the ultimate soft and comfortable wearing for a longer time.

This headlamp offers high and low COB and LED modes and also features a strobe mode for emergencies. The size is small enough to keep the headlamp in your pocket or backpack for easy transportation.

If you are looking for the most lightweight headlamp, check out our 1300 Lumens COB & LED Headlamp that weighs only 2.4 ounces.

What breakthrough reform of headlamps?

The motion sensor function brings the usability of headlamps to the next level.

Our Hokolite headlamps are equipped with high-quality motion sensor functionality for your convenience. If the function is turned on, you just need to wave your hand between the range of the sensor to turn on or off the lights.

The sensor motion headlamp brings the utmost convenience among the users that also help to protect other travelers' eyes while hiking, biking, camping, or so.

How to choose the right headlamp for you?

The following guide will help you find the best headlamp for your purposes:

Best types for different activities

For outdoor running at night:

Emphasis on the weight, fit, and beam distance

Backpacking & Hiking:

Look for the weight, runtime, beam distance, and multiple modes


Check out the light output, and beam distance

Outdoor cycling at night:

Similar to the climbing requirements


Must prioritize the light output and fitting

Camping outdoor at night:

Look for a wide beam and high battery life


It depends on your purposes mostly. Likewise running with a heavyweight headlamp will not stay on your head properly for sure. It will jump up and down unexpectedly in ridicule of your every move.

On the other hand, cycling on a smooth road doesn’t matter the weight of your headlamp at all. It will stay on the head for sure.

However, headlamps weigh not more than 7 oz generally. Choose wisely between the ranges of 2 to 3 ounces if you need a lightweight headlamp. Also, consider the straps and external batteries that will add some weight as well.

Get the right fit

If you need to wear the headlamp for a longer time, make sure it fits on your head properly. The materials of the headband also matter a lot for the softness and comfortableness.

Bulb and beam type

It’s a must to choose LED bulbs that may come with a COB or SMD technology. COB LED bulbs are more energy-efficient. It’s recommended than conventional LEDs. Now decide the beam type you required for your purposes:

Spot beam: To illuminate far ahead of you, consider a spot beam type. Check out our Hokolite LED & COB headlamp flashlight for more details.

Wide beam: It will generate a radiated light at a large angle for illuminating close objects. They are great for route-finding. Our Hokolite 2021 upgraded COB headlamp is the right example of a wide beam headlamp.

Brightness levels & Modes

Choose multiple light modes for multipurpose uses. Most headlamps come in both high and low light settings, which is required to alter between looking at other’s faces and down at the trail.




Let you use the brightest lighting option that is great for the darkest conditions.


Not available for most headlamps


Energy-efficient light setting that is great for dusk and dawn time trekking


Must-have for emergency purposes

Red light

Night vision mode is great for roadside running at night


Battery type

Headlamps are available with both disposable and rechargeable batteries. We would recommend rechargeable headlamps so you can reuse the batteries for years. But, they can lose power in extremely low temperatures.

If you’ve planned an outdoor trip in cold weather conditions, it’s better to stick with standard AA or AAA batteries. Just keep in mind to bring an extra set of batteries for emergencies. Also, make sure you store them in a warm place so they can’t lose the power.

Average run time

It determines how many hours you can use the headlamp without any issue. It may differ for different light mode settings. Most manufacturers will feature the average runtime for the most energy-efficient setting. So, it will cut the time if you use the highest light setting.

A few great brands like Hokolite will let you know the average run time for each mode. Likewise, the Hokolite 2021 COB & LED headlamp:

·        COB High (1200Lumens) - 2.5-3 Hours

·        COB Low (600) - 4-5 Hours

·        LED High (1200) - 4-5 Hours

·        LED Low (600) -8-10 Hours 

·        Strobe Mode- 8-10 Hours

Want to see more? Visit our website now and read more about Hokolite 2021 updated version with 1200 lumens 230 degree lighting COB headlamp!

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