Running Lights: The Ultimate Guide

Running Lights: The Ultimate Guide

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We have 12 hours of daylight, which you may believe is sufficient to enjoy during the day. Yes, it is sufficient to complete all tasks, while someone may have time for a quick run before dinner. But that is not the case with their hectic job, business, or anything else.

People are becoming more health-conscious, and they are aware of the negative effects of sitting for extended periods of time at work. As a result, running at night is the ideal solution for keeping them healthy and happy after a long day of work. It relieves the fatigue of a long day's work.

The issue, however, is a lack of light at night. Running lights appear at this point to illuminate the terrain ahead for slow and fast-paced long-distance runs. To improve usability, the best running lights and head torches are hands-free.

As there are so many options to choose from, this guide will help you find the top-quality running lights for your purpose. Likewise, Hokolite’s newly launched 300 Lumens Magnetic Silicone Running Light won the Red Dot Design Award.

Why Hokolite 300 lumens magnetic silicone running lights is the best?

Covered silicone

Heat-resistant silicone covers that are soft and flexible protect the running lights. The silicone covers act as a buffer, reducing the risk of damage from accidental falls. Silicone covers are ideal for improving the appearance of running lights due to their anti-slip properties.

Ultra-strong magnet adsorption

Hokolite night outdoor running lights are distinguished by the presence of two magnetic magnets that allow them to be attached to the dog's collar or pocket.

Because of the strong magnetic adsorption, running lights do not fall during the run, allowing runners to concentrate on enjoying the process more.

Best carrying sizes & Waterproof

This light only weighs 2 ounces and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, allowing you to wear it anywhere on your body without restricting movement.

At the same time, it has passed the IEC529 IPX4 waterproof test. They are small and portable, making them ideal for any outdoor activity at night.

A variety of lighting modes

In the center of the Hokolite night running lights are nine separate 300 lumen LED beads. Illuminates the area in front of you as well as the area around you. High (300 lumens), Medium (150 lumens), and Strobe are the available light modes. Strobe mode can help other drivers and pedestrians notice you more quickly when running at night.


If you are concerned about the environment, choose Hokolite night outdoor running lights with rechargeable batteries. When the running lights are low, it only takes 50 minutes to fully charge it.

Learn more about the new Hokolite 2021 300 lumens magnetic absorbing silicone running lights by watching the video below.

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Running Lights: The Ultimate Guide

What are the types of running lights?

Head torches or lamps:

Head torches or lamps are equipped with a head strap to keep them tight on the runner's forehead while running. They are hands-free and ideal for runners who want to concentrate on the trail ahead of them. The way it illuminates allows the runner to see everything in front of them clearly. The most significant advantage of having a running headlamp is that it can turn with your head.

Handheld lights:

It's the traditional way to illuminate the darkness while walking or running at night. It's a small torch or portable lamp that you can hold in your hands. It is preferable to point in any direction for a quick inspection. However, keep in mind that it is not a hands-free option and cannot cover a wide range.

Chest lights:

It’s pretty much similar to the headlamps, where it is equipped with a chest strap to enhance the illumination ability ahead. These lights can cover both the back and front of yourself and offer a nice hands-free lighting option for you.

Chest lights also feature different flashing modes and colors for your safety while running at night. These are the most convenient choice for you.

Shoe lights:

It’s not the best option for clear visibility ahead of yourself while running. But, they are hands-free and designed to be attached to the shoes. It only shows you the place where the feet are straying when running through a rough trail.

Shoe lights are recommended for a quite unknown trail where you need to focus more on the ground below.

Knuckle lights:

These are the smallest and lightweight options that come with straps place over the knuckles. They deliver a small amount of light, which may not be the best option for running at night through dark terrains.

What is the power source of running light?

Mostly, batteries are the power source of portable running lights. Either they can be rechargeable or not.


Most of the running lights or headlamps run on battery power. They get the power from the disposable batteries, from the AA size to small watch batteries. The more quality has your batteries offer the longer running time at night.

But, disposable batteries always demand to keep some extra sets in your pack while running a long distance in the dark. They also keep losing their power in freeze or cold weather conditions by about twenty percent of their performance.

So, choosing a battery-operated running light may not be the best option for you. Be aware while choosing disposable battery-powered running lights according to your needs.

Rechargeable running lights:

These lights are so much popular among the night runners, which offer not to replace the batteries anymore. Users can charge the batteries frequently to revive from the state of dying. These units power up through electric outlets or USB. It’s the ideal choice for night runners who can charge the lights at the office or in the car.

If you prefer eco-friendly running and do not like the frequent replacement of disposable batteries, choose a Hokolite Night Outdoor Running Light that comes with a rechargeable battery. You can recharge the outdoor running light in about 50 minutes through the USB port to attach to your laptop.

Wind up running lights:

It’s a light that can convert your muscle power into electrical power to illuminate the darkness. However, it’s not the ideal choice for the runner for regular use. You can have one in your pack as a backup!

What features do you need to consider for a running light?

Light modes

Running lights with multiple modes like strobe and flashing help to save energy. It also allows customizing your light levels so other sources of lights in urban areas may work for you in a manner. Having a running light with red light will increase your visibility to cars as well.

Our Hokolite night outdoor running light consists of nine separate LED beads, reaching 300 lumens. The LED lighting area reaches a 180 degrees wide-angle range with a beam illumination distance of 8-10 meters. All these options help users to view any obstacles surrounded by the area in front of runners.

It features three lighting modes to customize the light levels in different situations:

·         High (300 lumens)

·         Medium (150 lumens)

·         Strobe

The strobe mode helps to grab other pedestrians or vehicles owners' attention while running at night. It ensures your safety in dark as well.


Double-check your running light is waterproof so it will remain safe if you run in a rainstorm. Otherwise, the most modern running lights are showerproof to stay safe on shorter runs.

The Hokolite night outdoor running lights have passed the IPX4 rating. It ensures its waterproof ability from heavy rain damages.

Better usability

The better usability determines the running light is easy to operate, comfortable to use, and safe. It also depends on how securely the light fits onto your forehead, or clothing.

It’s the loops or clips that come with the lights to ensure a secure fit. You can choose magnetic clips for strong adsorption. It will keep the light safe from falling while running at night.

Moreover, ask for an adjustable strap that will allow your running light to fit over a hat.

A few models are equipped with a heat-resistant silicone cover to protect them from heat. The cover also protects the light from an accidental fall offering an anti-skid surface.

Get all these features in the Hokolite night outdoor running light that comes with a silicone cover and two magnetic clips for the most comfort and safety.


Always look for a lightweight running light that prevents tension on your head and allows you to run bounce-free.


It’s the lighting quality and safety to be considered primarily while choosing a running light for you. So, never look at the cheapest model that would be the right option to meet your needs safely.

What is the purpose of running lights?