Our New Rechargeable LED Magnetic Work Light Is Available Now

May 27, 2022 2 min read

We've got some exciting news for our customers! Our new rechargeable LED work light is now available. This rugged and versatile unit provides an incredibly bright 1500 lumens, glare-free light. The unit has a magnetic base and 3 light modes.

We've been working diligently on developing a new line of LED lights. These units are designed to provide the brightest possible light output without sacrificing durability or portability. They also feature a unique design that allows them to be mounted almost anywhere.

With this new LED work light, you'll be able to see better and safer in low-light situations. Whether you're working outdoors or inside, you'll appreciate the increased brightness and safety provided by this new LED magnetic work light.

What are the benefits of a rechargeable LED magnetic work light?

Do you struggle to see what you're doing when working on your project car or tinkering on your workbench? Try using LED work lights to make your job easier and save you time. LED magnetic work lights are designed to be placed in any position without having to worry about wires or power cords getting in the way. No more tripping over cables while working.

Whether you’re working deep in a crawl space or underneath a vehicle, a magnetic LED work light can come in handy. Offering bright illuminance to virtually any dark environment, these useful lights are designed for high-efficiency and ease of use. 

Design Features

Waterproof IP56
Strong Magnet
Hanging Hook
5ft drop Impact Resistance
3000mAh Removable Power Bank

A magnetized LED work light offers bright illumination to virtually any dark environment. Designed for high efficiency and ease of use, this useful light is ideal for crawling under vehicles or in tight spaces. The magnetized base allows it to be attached to any metal surface.

Now available here: Rechargeable LED Magnetic Work Light