May 01, 2022 2 min read

Whether you’re going to the backcountry or just stepping out for a nighttime walk with your dog, a high-performing headlamp is all you need to find a way even in the dark. 

Why do you need a good running headlamp?

The best headlamp for running can help lighten up your path so you can identify clear footing and avoid tripping and other injuries. It also makes your visibility to passing cars – key to running safely in the dark.

But with plenty of options to choose from, it can be daunting to know which is the best. And that’s what this guide is here to help you with.


Best Headlamps for Running

  1. 1200 Lumens 210° Wide Beam COB Rechargeable Headlamp with Motion Sensor

This motion sensor night light is lightweight and waterproof, ideal for outdoor running, hiking, and camping. 5 light modes include COB high mode, COB light mode, LED high mode, LED low mode, and strobe mode.

With an adjustable headlamp and rechargeable batteries, you can go a long way and walk or run safely in the dark. 

  1. 1300 Lumens 230° Wide Beam COB&LED Rechargeable Headlamp with Motion Sensor Headlight

If you’re looking for lightweight, portable, and headlight wide beam headlamps for convenient running, this can be an excellent choice. It has 6 light modes – COB high mode, COB low mode, COB strobe mode, LED high mode, LED low mode, and LED strobe mode. The package includes lithium-ion batteries, a headlamp, a helmet light clip, and a micro-USB cable.

  1. High Brightness LED&COB Rechargeable Beanie Hat with Light

You can easily take this anywhere with USB rechargeable headlamp cap removal, safety lighted beanie hat, and high-quality warm material. It can be charged via a USB and has 4 light modes to adjust the brightness and achieve maximum visibility.

How to Pick Running Headlamps?

The best headlamps for runners are lightweight, robust, and have ample battery life that can be used for a prolonged duration. This is vital because the last thing you want is to get lost in the dark with a dim, useless glow that lasts only a few miles of your run. A good headlamp should be adjustable so it is easy to carry and stay put together without bouncing or sliding down.

Gladly, headlamps for runners have come a long way and you no longer need to bear bulky and heavy lights. Now go for sleek, powerful, and rechargeable headlamps that are comfortable to wear while running in the dark and feel safe.

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